Bay Area Organic Mattress, European Sleep Works Discusses a Holistic Approach to Sleep Apnea

Berkeley, California (EastBayDaily) — According to Dr. William Dement, author of The Promise to Sleep, nearly 40 percent of Americans suffer from some form of sleep apnea. With such a high number of people suffering from the malady, extensive research has been performed and a burgeoning industry has been created to cure sleep-disordered breathing. The solutions to sleep apnea run the gamut from inconvenient and uncomfortable to dramatic and invasive. European Sleep Works, a Bay Area independent organic mattress retailer in Berkeley, maintains that the integration of alternative treatments can produce significant results to reduce apnea symptoms without any uncomfortable or invasive procedures. Some of the current procedures to deal with sleep apnea include uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (UPPP), which involves trimming the palate and removing the tonsils and the uvula. Patients may also undergo a tracheostomy, which is the drilling of a hole in the throat that allows for a bypass of a narrowed airway. These procedures can be costly and painful. The most widespread prescription for sleep apnea is a CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine, which has given rise to a multi-billion dollar global industry as doctors have begun prescribing CPAPs to apnea suffers in a steady stream. While it is true that the CPAP machines can dramatically improve the lives of those who suffer from sleep apnea, European Sleep Works firmly believes that the condition is best tackled by taking a holistic approach. The combination of a CPAP machine, positional therapy, general physical activity, and specific muscle exercises for the throat and tongue that reduce the excess tissue that aggravates apnea can have a powerful impact on symptom reduction. “Sleep apnea occurs as a result of obstructed airways. Deeper sleep comes about as a result of deeper, clearer breathing,” said Steven Majoros of European Sleep Works. “Positional therapy, which repositions the body to allow for better breathing, can produce dramatic results. We found that elevated sleeping, side-sleeping, and sleeping on a supportive pillow all make for excellent additions to prescribed treatments for apnea.” Bay Area European Sleep Works eco-friendly beds designs sleep systems that enable customers to modify the way that they sleep for a more restful night. European Sleep Works mattresses and pillows are specifically designed to support side sleeping. They look at ergonomics with an eye to facilitate deeper breathing. The company has developed the Oxygen Pillow, which promotes healthy nighttime breathing by providing proper alignment and elevation of the head, neck, and torso. By creating correct alignment, the pillow helps to ease breathing as well as helping with GERD and shoulder and neck problems. For more information on European Sleep works and their products, contact them at 510-841-5340 or visit them on the web at European Sleep Works is located at 2966 Adeline in Berkeley. About European Sleep Works European Sleep Works is an independent and locally owned mattress company based in Berkeley, serving the East Bay community and the wider Bay Area with the best mattresses. They are very earth conscious and that is reflected in their large stock of green mattresses, eco-friendly beds, natural latex and organic mattresses.


Steven Majoros