Bay Area Parents Take Children’s Music Into Their Own Hands

Berkeley, California (EastBayDaily) — Amidst all of the indie-rock kids’ music on the airwaves, it is refreshing to find an album like Octopretzel’s “If I Were a Song…” which takes a more folk-inspired approach to family music. Comprised of parents and teachers, this five member ensemble has been delighting young audiences in the Bay Area for over three years. Their party-like performances feature huge handmade puppets, giant bubbles and inspire spontaneous kiddie mosh-pits, while still maintaining focus and interactive participation. Octopretzel’s new studio album captures the dynamic energy of a live show while highlighting their impressive four-part harmonies and roots-music instrumentation.

“If I Were a Song…” presents imagery of spinning tops, roly polies, and whimsical imaginary creatures such as the band’s namesake, the “Octopretzel”. From unique interpretations of traditional folk classics to fun and catchy originals, this is one CD that parents will love and that will have kids asking for more! Along with fiddles and guitars, the album features a Moroccan banjo made of goat skin called a “guimbri”, a marimba, a mandolin, the middle-eastern tambourine (or riq), and many other unique sounds from around the world.

Bay Area locals can catch Octoprezel’s colorful and inspired performances at many well-known venues such as the Discovery Museum in Sausalito, The Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco, and the Freight and Salvage in Berkeley, where the band is currently producing the exciting new Patchwork Series. In this multiple act, Saturday morning series, Octopretzel will share the stage with other Bay Area entertainers such as Charity and the JAMband, Orange Sherbet , and Rudy Trubitt of The Sippy Cups, as well as acrobats, puppeteers, and even a group of hula-hooping Kindergarteners!

With backgrounds in folk music and extensive world travel, band leaders Melita Doostan and Sarita Pockell came together as musical collaborators before they became mothers, over ten years ago. To learn more about Melita, Sarita, and Octopretzel’s new album, “If I Were a Song…”, click here to read a recent interview.


Melita Doostan