Bay Area Property Management Company, Stokley Properties Inc., Offers Renters Tips on Finding Homes During the Strong Rental Market

Walnut Creek, California (EastBayDaily) — As the San Francisco East Bay Area real estate market continues to lean toward a strong rental market, Bay Area property management company,Stokley Properties Inc. would like to offer new and foreclosed-upon renters tips on securing a lease.

For a first-time renter or for someone re-entering the rental world after being far removed from it for years, Concord property management company, Stokley Properties recommends considering the following:

1)    Preparation is key. Have every necessary document ready.

2)    Those that have lost their homes due to a foreclosure or a short sale should have a letter of explanation ready. This should not be left to chance. Property management companies, such as Stokley Properties Inc., can work with people who have lost their homes, but they need to be prepared with documentation so that upon review of their application, their situation can easily be understood.

3)    Do not to prevaricate. If the property is priced correctly and is a clean and well-maintained home – in a desirable neighborhood – it will not stay on the market long. Therefore, renters are encouraged to bring their checkbooks, and if they like the property, to snap it up immediately!

The continuing havoc that the real estate industry has been cycling through is the main reason rental properties have been making a strong showing this year and beyond. Because of short sales and foreclosures, people who were once homeowners are now renters. For those who finds themselves in this situation, it is important to be aware of the market and what the competition is, as well as what they need to be prepared.

"I have been very happy with Joe Stokley and his team. All the clients I referred to him have expressed great happiness with the service he provided when they needed to rent a property. His property management service is very well received. I look forward to referring many more clients to him. We have known each other for many years and enjoy a close working relationship," said Don and Norma Flaskerud, Realtors(R) of RE/MAX CC Connection.

For more information about any of Stokley Properties’ services, call 925-658-1415 or view the property management company on the web at Stokley Properties is located at 1630 N. Main St., Suite 54, in Walnut Creek.

About Stokley Properties Inc.

The Walnut Creek company, Stokley Properties, provides complete property management services throughout the greater San Francisco East Bay Area, including Concord, San Ramon, the Bay Area, Brentwood, Martinez and Oakland. It provides professional real estate investment advice to enable clients to make well-informed decisions. Services include advertising and marketing, residential screening, leasing and retention management, property inspections and more.


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