Bay Area Property Management Company, Stokley Properties Inc., Offers Tips to Help Rent Properties

Walnut Creek, California (EastBayDaily) — Stokley Properties Inc., a Bay Area property management group that serves the Concord, San Ramon, Oakland, Brentwood, Martinez and Bay areas, is offering important tips for real estate owners who are searching to rent or sell properties.

“We believe that providing true service in real estate, as well as a clean and functional property will make all the difference in how quickly people may rent it and for how much money a month real estate will be able to receive,” Joseph Stokley Jr. of Stokley Properties said.

This has always been the case for as long as Stokley Properties Inc. has been in business but is perhaps more important today than ever before. The reason is because the market is so competitive in the current economic state, and people and business are looking at how to make the most for the least amount of expense. In this vein, Stokley Properties property management is currently offering the following tips for real estate owners:

1)         Real estate owners must be prepared to do what must be done to offer a good, clean, competitively price product of the property.

2)         Stokley Properties is not suggesting ripping out a 25-year-old kitchen and replacing it with a new $40,000 kitchen; however if the kitchen and the rest of the home could use new paint and carpets, or perhaps newer and cleaner appliances, these projects should be undertaken.

“The property owner should think about making that investment to maximize the amount of monthly rent they could collect and to rent the property sooner,” Stokley said.

3)         Owners should spend no more than what they need, but just what should be done.

“To be competitive and get the maximum dollar, your property must be turnkey and ready to go. It must have fresh, new paint and flooring, if necessary to stand out from the crowd. If you do reinvest in your property by doing these things, your return on investment will be a better caliber of renter and receive a much higher rental amount,” Stokley said.

For more information about Stokley Properties Inc., call 925-658-1415, view the company on the web at or visit 1630 North Main St., Suite 54, in Walnut Creek.

About Stokley Properties Inc. The Walnut Creek company, Stokley Properties, provides complete property management services throughout the greater San Francisco East Bay Area, including Concord, San Ramon, the Bay Area, Brentwood, Martinez and Oakland. They provide professional real estate investment advice to enable clients to make well-informed decisions. Services include advertising and marketing, residential screening, leasing and retention management, property inspections and more.


Joe Stokley
Stokley Properties