Bay Area SEO Company Comments on Google’s Latest Update, Codenamed: “Penguin”.

Alameda, California (EastBayDaily) — Many small business use their website as a sales tool that they depend upon for revenue? Webmasters often keep their eye on how their websites appear on leading search engine Google for relevant key search phrases. The difference between being found on page one and page two of any search could mean a phone ringing off the hook, or not at all. Last week Google's Web Spam team announced a change in the way it displays results, knocking many companies from their top spots dropping deep into the index and taking web traffic along with it.

So how does a company get to those coveted top spots and what changed with this new update? Many small business owners enlist the support of search engine optimization (SEO) consultants like Ross Taylor of Alameda company Alameda Internet Marketing. Ross' clients are stakeholders in a variety of business types who benefit greatly from the exposure from high search engine rankings.

"Google is always trying to level the playing field", explains Ross. "This latest update focused mainly on penalizing the websites where unethical or over aggressive SEO tactics had been employed." Examples of aggressive and unethical tactics, sometimes known as "Black Hat SEO" techniques include paying for links from other webmasters, trying to game the system by stuffing web content with key phrases, or using recycled content with the goal only to help increase rankings.

Many critics of Google see this change as a way to convince more webmasters to employ pay per click advertising programs, like Google's own "AdWords". Ross says, "It's definitely something worth thinking about and analyzing, but the fact is, if your web site has content that is unique, relevant, and useful and you haven't tried to publicize it in any way that violates Google's webmaster guidelines, then you should have nothing to worry about.

Though Google update their algorithm to some extend on a very frequent basis, this is a major change that has a lot of people taking notice. To help webmasters who believe they were unfairly punished by Penguin, Google offers a form asking for feedback where webmasters can appeal their case.

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