Bay Area Solar Company Offers New Affordable Home Solar Program

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — One of the top reasons homeowners are reluctant to install solar panels for their Bay Area home is the expense. “Solar panel prices are coming down, but not fast enough for the average homeowner to afford solar,” says John Orfali, owner of Save A Lot Solar, an Oakland Solar company. To address this price concern, Orfali has started to offer his customers a new cost-saving solution. He is offering a Solar Power Special that helps pass along the savings from decreases in the cost of new solar technology to the consumer.

Save A Lot Solar’s Bay Area Solar Power Special includes a home solar starter kit for under $5,000, which, once offset by the Federal Tax Credit, will cost the homeowner less than $3,500. The starter kit includes all documentation and installation, and can generate an average of 5 kilowatt hours per day from 5 Canadian Solar 240 watt solar panels, and 5 Enphase Micro-Inverters. Bay Area homeowners will be provided with an internet interface, where they can watch the savings their solar system generates. The home solar starter kit is easily expandable, and additional solar panels and inverter kits can be incorporated at $1,000 each.

About Save A Lot Solar Save A Lot Solar is a NABCEP Certified Bay Area Solar Installer, and is licensed by the California Contractors Board to install solar panels for residences and commercial businesses. Owner John Orfali custom designs the solar panel system to be optimized for your home. Visit their website for a free quote, or try their solar calculator to determine what your savings would be. Save A Lot Solar serves the greater Bay Area, and all of their solar equipment has a 25 year production warranty. Call Save A Lot Solar today for your free quote, 510-332-4971, or visit their website at


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