Bay Area Sports Rehab Specialists Open New Functional Training Facility in Oakland

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — Sports + Orthopedic Leaders (SOL) Physical Therapy, a premier Bay Area physical therapy and spine care clinic with offices in Oakland, Santa Cruz, and Walnut Creek, is bridging the gap between rehab and training with a revolutionary new fitness training facility in Oakland. SOL Performance Training, located at 3900 Piedmont Avenue in Oakland, provides a fun, safe, and challenging dynamic workout in an indoor/outdoor space.

“Our new physical training facility is unlike anything else in the East Bay. Our expert trainers will help you safely achieve your fitness goals, whether you are just getting started, recovering from an injury, or looking to take your athletic performance to the next level,” explains Tammara Moore of SOL Physical Therapy, a leading Bay Area sports rehab specialist.

SOL Performance Training offers cutting-edge functional training methods including TRX Suspension Training, Rip Training, kettlebells, free weights and Olympic weight lifting. Group fitness classes, private sessions, and semi-private sessions are available. The facility also offers Active Release Technique (ART), an effective tissue manipulation method that reduces pain and increases function, as well as sports and therapeutic massage.

The unique fitness and personal training methods used by the master physical trainers at SOL Performance Training are designed to improve performance while significantly reducing the chances of injury. Trainers specifically test, reassess and identify areas of weakness or dysfunction that may prevent clients from reaching their goals. Trainers provide the motivation and continual modification of each person’s individual program to ensure continual progress.

“We are here to coach, teach, and push you safely and effectively to a higher level,” says Moore.

The new functional training facility is located at 3900 Piedmont Avenue in Oakland, just a couple of miles from SOL Physical Therapy’s Rockridge office. SOL Performance Training is open from 6:30 am to 7:00 pm Monday through Saturday. To sign up for classes, private sessions, semi-private sessions, or massage, please visit

For more information about the new SOL Performance Training facility, please call (510) 594-1594 or visit For information about any of Sports + Orthopedic Leaders Physical Therapy’s services or locations, please call the Oakland location at (510) 547-1630 or visit

About Sports +Orthopedic Leaders Physical Therapy SOL Physical Therapy has a very simple mission: to help active individuals reach their performance goals. Over the past 10 years, they have found this mission to be a powerful one, as it has facilitated the return of thousands of individuals to their desired level of function through their evidence-based and human-centered approach to rehabilitative and performance care. They believe that the most effective care lives at the intersection between diversity, science, experience, and passion. By possessing strengths in each of these areas, SOL Physical Therapy provides the most effective and comprehensive orthopedic therapy available for active persons in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, including the communities of Oakland, Alameda, Berkeley, San Francisco, Santa Cruz and Walnut Creek.


Tammara Moore
Sports + Orthopedic Leaders