Bay Area Survival Gear Website, The Panic Store, Advises and Reminds Public About Earthquake Preparedness

Dublin, California (EastBayDaily) — Bay Area survival gear website, The Panic Store, a one-stop-and-shop website for emergency preparedness, is advising and reminding the public about the importance of being prepared with the right survival gear in the event of an earthquake and to ensure security and subsistence after the disaster.

“It is difficult to predict when a natural or man-made disaster will occur, yet being prepared is the best defense to possible devastation and knowing what items to keep in an emergency arsenal is essential to survival in the aftermath of a disaster,” Ken Minard of The Panic Store said. “We are a leading online disaster recovery expert, offering a list of items everyone should store in an accessible place. The foresight to prepare in advance by having the proper disaster survival gear simply means acknowledging that we live in an unpredictable world and that it’s best to be prepared for whatever may happen.”

According to, the website managed by the United States Geological Survey’s (USGS) Earthquake Hazards Program to spread earthquake awareness among the population, California is assaulted by thousands of earthquakes each year. While most of them are so small that they are imperceptible, there are still around 15 to 20 earthquakes that could reach a magnitude of more than 4.0.

The Panic Store was established to provide guidance and assistance to the public in preparing for such unexpected disasters. It offers a wide range of premium survival and first aid kits that could aid any family during a natural or manmade catastrophe for at least 72 hours after the disaster and until rescue arrives. These kits include emergency food, water, bulk medicine supplies, other essential items and optional backpacking and camping supplies.

In this age when technology enables people to be aware beforehand, being prepared is a much wiser plan than hoping things will just work out. The Panic Store is ready to help families in that end.

For more information about The Panic Store, call 925-570-3202 or view the company on the web at

About The Panic Store

The Panic Store features more than 10 years of experience in disseminating earthquake awareness and selling earthquake preparedness products. Supplies included in one kit have a five-year shelf life and could provide subsistence for at least 72 hours.


Ken Minard
The Panic Store