Bay Area Web Designer Marissa Berger Presents Five Ways to Track the Success of a Website

Concord, California (EastBayDaily) — Marissa Berger, founder of Marissa Berger Interactive (mb/i), a San Francisco Bay Area web design firm, presents in her blog five quick tracking mechanisms which can be used to monitor a website’s performance:

1) Unique E-mail Address: This can easily identify the lead source of e-mail inquiries. Instead of using “info@” for everything, determine which sources are important and give them unique email addresses. They can all forward to the main address for ease of use.

2) Unique Phone Number: It is now easier to own multiple phone numbers with Google Voice, Vonage, etc. The same concept applies as with e-mail addresses; identify what is important to track and put those numbers (and the appropriate voicemail messages) in place.

3) Unique URLs: Use the Content Management System (CMS) available on the website to create new pages and assign unique URLs. The unique URLs can later be used to track the traffic of any kind of marketing performed online or offline.

4) Forms: If applicable, capture visitor’s information when giving out downloadable items or complimentary services. Give each form a different source name to keep track which items or services are more popular.

5) Google Analytics: This is a free service which provides a great deal of data on how the site is being used. Site owners and managers can make educated marketing decisions based on this data. Web developers can offer assistance on interpreting the results.

“Give your website a chance. Put tracking mechanisms in place and learn about your online audience,” says Berger.

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About Marissa Berger Interactive

Marissa Berger Interactive (mb/i) is a San Francisco Bay Area web design company that specializes in popular open-source content management systems such as Drupal and WordPress. MB/I has been developing websites since 2000 and has a diverse online portfolio of more than 125 websites.


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