Bay Area Window Film Installer Sees Proven Year Round Results With Vista Window Film’s EnerLogic Window Film


Castro Valley, California (EastBayDaily) — It’s the middle of summer and the busy season for most residential and commercial window film companies, but did you know that window film can present profound energy savings all year round, not just when the sun is shining bright? A product released just under a year ago by Vista Window Film’s EnerLogic window films does just this with their Low Emittance window film.

Daystar Window Tinting owner Mark Rascon commented, “EnerLogic’s all-season window films are a game changer,” specifically noting the benefits of EnerLogic’s VEP35 technology. “This film is really quite incredible. Just like your standard reflective films, it keeps the sunlight, heat, and glare out of your home or office, which saves on your cooling costs. But what’s really unique, is it insulates your windows keeping in heat in as well, meaning it will keep your heating costs down in the winter as well.”

Daystar had the opportunity to install EnerLogic VEP35 on windows last winter in a Bay Area apartment complex where the owner was looking for ways to keep climate control costs down in colder weather. Now that summer is here and the mercury’s rising, the residents of the complex are now experiencing the benefit of the same film that’s keeping interiors much cooler, as well as providing other benefits like protection of home furnishings from harmful UV rays. In fact, EnerLogic film spec’s boast 99% Ultra-Violet rejection, an emissiivity rating of an incredibly low 0.07, summer solar heat gain reduction of 72% and winter heat loss reduction of 42%.

Because EnerLogic’s Low-e insulating window film provides maximum efficiency, the energy savings beat any other window film, providing an energy savings of up to 92%. Incredible results can be achieved when effectively “upgrading” thin and poorly insulated windows. “It’s much more cost effective than replacing windows, and takes only a fraction of the time,” says Rascon. “Any home or business owner should definitely explore EnerLogic’s benefits before embarking on a window replacement project.” According to Vistas’s internal studies, EnerLogic film pays for itself in as little as 2.75 years, where window replacement may take up to 20 years before achieving a positive return on investment.

Perhaps what is most impressive, is EnerLogic film does all this while still providing exceptional optical clarity that looks great under any kind of light, and is fully compatible with high-efficiency lighting systems.

Daystar Window Tinting, a family owned business, has been installing residential and commercial window film in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1976. Recognized as Vista Window Film “Platinum Dealers”, they provide exceptional service installing window film for Bay Area home and business owners. For a quote or more information, visit their website at, or call them at (510) 749-7505.


Mark Rascon
Daystar Window Tinting