Bay, Inc., Walnut Creek’s Marketing Leader, Discusses Consumer Engagement

Walnut Creek, California (EastBayDaily) — Alon Brener, the CEO at Bay, Inc., has made himself an expert in the most effective promotional techniques available. He explained that indirect marketing techniques such as television and radio ads are designed to extend a company’s reach across a wide range of consumers. This blanket approach is effective in connecting with many people, but it also creates a number of inefficiencies. First, there is no way of knowing how many individuals in a given audience are interested consumers. Second, simply putting a message in front of a person rarely translates into a meaningful business relationship.

To counteract these shortcomings, Brener’s firm, Bay, Inc., takes a more targeted approach. By creating dynamic on-site promotions, he has discovered that both consumer engagement and retention vastly improve. “The biggest factor is that the consumer is right there looking at the product and falling in love with it,” Brener said. “Also, our strategies have the ability to engage consumers so that they commit to a brand, and not just a product.”

This philosophy is supported by numerous studies regarding the importance of personal communication. In an advancing digital age, people are using mobile devices and social media with greater frequency. However, in a worldwide survey, 67% of business professionals agreed that face-to-face communication is still the preferred method. As the study explained, “having a personal connection builds trust and minimizes misinterpretation and misunderstanding.”

In the marketing world, the indirect approach also delays decision making. By utilizing on-site initiatives, businesses have an immediate impact on the consumer, who will often make a decision on the spot. With this method, companies better determine their ideal demographic and therefore more effectively promote their products. As Brener explained, “Our approach ensures there is a person illustrating a picture for the consumer and understanding their wants and needs. This really helps the consumer make an informed decision.”

Bay, Inc. Uses Innovative Strategies to Generate Lasting Results

According to Brener, one of the keys to success at Bay, Inc. is the firm’s ability to meticulously research and analyze the market, then match their clients with a valuable, engaged audience. Interaction is essential to creating a strong relationship between a company and a consumer. “We put our clients in the public eye by presenting our promotional packages directly to the public,” Brener said. “This is very cost-effective for our clients, and based on our revenues, it is clearly favored by consumers.”

Even with advances in technology and the increased use of online shopping, Brener explained, customers still prefer personal engagement with a company and its products. “In fact, a recent study found that during the holiday season, 65% of consumers will browse products online, but will ultimately make their purchase in-store. Among the reasons for this is that people still prefer to feel the product, speak with qualified experts, and want to avoid costly shipping fees.”

Companies that understand this trend and can create positive experiences for their customers will continue to thrive, Brener said. This is one way in which Bay, Inc. is helping its clients, and by extension, the consumer. “It is a working relationship that we can describe only as a win-win-win,” Brener explained. “We ensure that our clients win through increased consumer awareness, our customers win by receiving top-notch products and services at promotional values, and we win by forging the connection between our clients and their customers.”

About Bay, Inc.

Bay, Inc. creates dynamic promotional campaigns designed to forge powerful connections between their clients and consumers. Their interactive approach produces measurable results by generating meaningful customer experiences and building lasting brand loyalty. By carefully analyzing consumer demographics and market trends, they have helped their clients achieve a significant return on their investment with creative outreach programs that result in stunning profits and market reach. Their success has allowed them to work with Fortune 500 companies, but they maintain a scalable model that they use to develop initiatives to meet specific business objectives regardless of size. Bay, Inc. is committed to growth: for their business, their clients, and their customers.


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