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Pittsburg, California (EastBayDaily) — When is a poker table not just a poker table?  When it becomes a uniquely customized piece of art. Customers ask for, and are now getting the opportunity to turn an already great table into a showcase through the introduction of BBO Poker Table's new Custom Graphics Lab. The Custom Graphics Lab offer fully or partially customized playing surface; a capability once considered to be only accessible to casino customers. BBO, a known leader in innovative solutions to poker table enthusiasts, offers the capability of professional grade large format dye sublimation printing onto the table playing surface to every potential customer allowing them to better display their own personal style and to better match interior design aesthetics.    "This next evolutionary step of bringing our playing surface printing in-house gives us the opportunity to raise the bar on customizing poker tables.  Dye-sub printing has generally been exclusively used in casino applications, but we saw an opportunity to bring a deeper level of design and personalization to customers at the retail level," said George Chao, founder of BBO Poker Tables.

BBO Poker Tables has been a major player in the manufacturing of poker tables for almost a decade and is well known and respected in the poker community.  As many of their customers include casinos and card rooms that require a table surface to accommodate a customized graphic or logo, the natural direction was to bring the printing capability under the same roof and offer the mainstream customer the same ability to create the table of their dreams.  In addition to the already available personalized graphics, customers can now choose from a wide variety of stock images created by highly-skilled graphic artists.  The website has been redesigned to allow for customers to easily choose which stock graphic they would like printed and installed on the table of their choice.

About BBO Poker Tables

The mission of BBO Poker Tables is to provide quality professional casino grade poker tables, home and tournament folding poker tables, and gaming tables to the public. The company places a high value on product quality, customer service, prompt delivery, innovative designs, and scalability. All BBO Poker Tables products are backed with the industry’s best warranty. Outstanding customer service is a priority and BBO Poker Tables strives to maximize efficiency in all aspects of the company. BBO Poker Tables monitors important industry trends and adapts their designs to meet the changing needs of the market. By implementing a scalable manufacturing process, BBO Poker Tables can build one customized table for a consumer or 100 unique tables for a casino.


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