Bella Fashion Jewelry Debuts Its Fall and Holiday Program

Hayward, California (EastBayDaily) — Bella Fashion Jewelry has just launched its new Fall and Holiday Program designed to bring to shoppers every week new and stylish fashion accessories which reflect current trends. The way its Fall and Holiday Program functions is easy to follow: Every Monday, new products will be released and featured for a special three day sales event. Items featured will be offered at excellent discounts, which can be over 50% off regular pricing. The selected new items will stay at the special prices starting Monday and ends at midnight Wednesday. As of 12:01 Thursday, the special prices will end, and the featured items will revert back to their everyday prices.

Monday this week marked the beginning of the program, with items like the white crystal claw clip, an elegant piece featured in the website's bridal jewelry section being offered at an impressive discount. Instead of paying $15.99, shoppers had until midnight on Wednesday to get this item for $6.80, an impressive 57% discount. This is just one example of the items offered with the new three day special and the opportunities for savings.

Next Week's new items featured at the 3-day Monday thru Wednesday specials will include a 3-in-1 flower clip, which is equipped with an elastic, a clip, and a pin. It can be worn as a convenient ponytail holder, clipped onto a hat for added sophistication, or clipped right into the hair on the go. This 3-in1 flower clip will be offered at regular price of $3.49, and @ $2 for the 3-day special price. Also included for next week's new items at 3-day special are flower and rhinestone hair clips, necklaces, headands, and earrings. All are offered at very attractive 3-day special prices. For example, for the colorful flower hair clip: regular price at $19.99, 3-Day Special @ $8. For the rhinestones hair clip: regular price at $11.99, 3-day special at $5.50.

Retailers can also benefit from the newly launched Fall and Holiday Program. The same items offered on the 3 day special sale for the retail site will also be featured on the wholesale site, The same 3-in-1 flower clip, at regular wholesale price of $1.75, will be at $1 for its 3-day special price. The flower clip and the rhinestone hair clip are also offered at very impressive 3-day special prices, with the rhinestone clip at $3.20 for its 3-day special. Deals like these will be available every Monday through Wednesday, with new fall and holiday themed products being paraded in the following Monday to keep the cycle of savings in motion.

This new Fall and Holiday Program will continue each week. Every Monday new and different products will be streaming in at the 3-day special prices. These fall and holiday products will be offered at such excellent discounts that shoppers won't want to miss, so mark your calendars to check for new deals each Monday. Customers subscribed to Bella Fashion's newsletter will be the first to know, with the new 3 day special items emailed directly to their inbox every Monday at 12:01. Make sure to get these great Cinderella deals while they're available – when the clock strikes 12:01 on Thursday, the special prices will disappear, and they'll revert back to the everyday prices. To subscribe to Bella Fashion's newsletter, click for retailers. For individual shoppers, click to register.

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Hilda Wong
Bella Fashion Jewelry Inc