Bella Fashion Offers New Jaw Clips That Pair Style With Affordability

Hayward, California (EastBayDaily) — Bella Fashion Jewelry's new arrivals of jaw clips update a practical tool into a stylish accessory. Once the standard neutral-toned clip for keeping hair out of the way, Bella Fashion Jewelry updates the popular style into a variety of unique looks. Customers accustomed to shopping for standard jaw clips at drugstores will be pleasantly surprised to find that the new arrivals are nothing they've seen in their local hair accessory aisle, yet still offer low pricing.

Bella Fashion Jewelry lives up to its name by providing jaw clips that do more than their task of aiding with hair styling – they provide a unique and fashionable look. Particularly stylish pieces include the newly arrived, jeweled mini clips. Adorned with beads and rhinestones and available in plenty of colors, these small jaw clips make elaborate hair styles possible, and are small enough to use multiple jaw clips in one look. In addition to their updated antique look that sets them apart, they have the practical factor of being able to hold smaller sections of hair, including elegant braids or twists.

One new dainty colorful hair clip is an ideal choice, with a wide variety of colors. It combines a unique look with a practical jaw clip that has a reliable, strong grip. Sparkling crystals in multicolor, pink, and more options are available. Customers do not need to worry about hair slipping out with this dainty clip.

For customers looking for clips to hold thick hair, power clips are also among new additions. These also show that there is no need to choose between function and fashion. With rhinestones that sparkle in the light, the newly added power clips are great for holding thicker sections of hair than the smaller clips accommodate.

Jewel clips are by no means the only new arrivals in Bella Fashion Jewelry's jaw clip category to offer style. The plastic jaw clips also prioritize a unique look – after all, what says stylish more than a 5 inch flower jaw clip with ribbon and lace? The plastic jaw clips are also low in cost, competitive in pricing with other jaw clips, but more unique in appearance. New arrivals are available in unique shapes, with gold trim, and with glittering fabric flowers for under $2. To offer more savings to their customers, Bella Fashion Jewelry is now offering a coupon code BH10 for an EXTRA 10% off on top of their everyday discounted prices. To get the EXTRA 10% off, simply enter the coupon code of BH10 at checkout.

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