Bella Fashion Wholesale Introduces New Case Pack Pricing on Velcro Hair Rollers

Hayward, California (EastBayDaily) — Bella Fashion Wholesale, known for its lines of hair accessories, is now offering customers new case pack pricing on its Velcro hair rollers. Case packs of Velcro hair rollers, a fresh new addition to the website this week, allow customers a convenient way to get more for their money. The brand new case packs offered include anywhere from 10 to 40 bags of rollers each, with 2 to 6 rollers per bag. This allows customers to purchase up to 240 rollers in total for $34.20, depending on the size. With the new case pack pricing, customers can purchase a similar amount of rollers for 10 percent less than they would spend buying the same quantity individually.

Nowaday, most people have busy lifestyles, and may feel as if there are nowhere near enough hours in the day to do business work, housework, and take care of other responsibilities. Any way to save a bit of time is appreciated, and with Velcro rollers, customers won't have to allow the time required to sit still waiting for hair to set in curls. Velcro rollers offer the convenience of holding hair in place while leaving the wearer free to move about, rather than tying them down, which takes valuable time. Even celebrities appreciated the time saving benefit of velcro hair rollers, and had been spotted in public wearing them. Every woman can see the convenience of saving time and money with Bella Fashion's Velcro rollers. Movie star or not, tight schedules and the desire for a great hairstyle are a given with many women. However, Bella Fashion's pricing option is reasonable for those on less than a movie star budget as well.

The hair rollers come in a large variety of twelve sizes, a feature that sets them apart from similar products on the market. According to the company's owners, women complain about the trouble of locating smaller rollers elsewhere. Running in the range of the 66 millimeter or 2.5 inch large rollers to the 13 millimeter or half-inch size, Bella Fashion customers can achieve many curly looks, from large, full curls to smaller ringlets. In addition, the company adds practicality, color coding each size. Other companies often package similar products in shrink wrap, which cannot be resealed after use. Bella Fashion includes handy zipper storage bags, also color coded by size, which are reusable and keep the rollers organized and in place, so customers are not burdened with losing them or having them stick to other things stored at the same place. These Velcro rollers simplify the styling process, as the hair stays on the roller with ease. Customers can now take the stress out of achieving their desired curly style.

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