Bella Fashion’s Updates 6 Packs and Dozen Pack With New Subcategories

Hayward, California (EastBayDaily) — Bella Fashion Jewelry's upgrades to the 6-Pack/Dozen pack category make life easier and simpler for customers. The new category now includes several subcategories within the 6 Pack/Dozen pack section, ranging from barrettes to headbands to rings. The 2nd tier wholesale pricing, which allows more savings up to 50% off of wholesale, and the great package deals are a must-have. Any fashion, jewelry, or accessory need can be met in a way that allows shoppers to get plenty for their money.

Conveniently located under one big category of 6 pack and dozen pack deals, the brand new subcategories link shoppers easily to a specific, homogenous set of fashion accessories. Barrettes, earrings, headbands, rings, and more are all in one convenient place. Whether shoppers want a pack of 12 or a pack of 6 items, the expanded category has pages of options for each shopper. For example, just the barrette category under 6 Pack/Dozen Pack contains 31 different combinations of stylish barrettes. Crystal barrettes, plastic floral barrettes, rhinestone barrettes : all are available options. The earring category has plenty of options available in both 6 packs and dozen packs. These are excellent deals – the multi hoop gold tone earrings sell for $9.00 for a dozen. The fashionable and unique flower dangle earrings are sweet at $3.00 a dozen – just $0.25 a pair.

The one-size-fits all rings are a retailer's ideal product. These stylish rings come in cute, unique designs such as a pair of angel wings, for just $9.00 a dozen . They're also adjustable, so customers will have the satisfaction of a customized fit. The hair clips and combs 6 pack/dozen pack includes elaborate abalone clips and crystal hair combs as well as lightweight hair plastic hair combs for $4.00 a dozen.

Headbands in the 6 pack/dozen pack category are also offered at great wholesale prices. Beautiful slender headbands with row of sparkling crystals in jet, red, crystal, and amber on gold tone plating are offered at $24 a dozen – just $2.00 per headband. These flexible headbands will be popular with shoppers. Other categories include mini jaw clips, toe rings, and flower feather clips.

The full list of categories includes barrettes, earrings, headbands, crystal headbands, one size fits all rings, flower/feather clips, mini jaw clips, toe rings, and necklaces. Glamorous rhinestone headbands, dainty butterfly jaw clips, stretchable rhinestone toe rings, and cute dolphin pendants are all available in these great packs. Whether it's headbands or hair combs shoppers are searching for, Bella Fashion's new subcategories take online shoppers straight to the right place.

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