Berkeley Piano Teachers of PPAS/Miamore Studios Announces its POUNDING NAILS to POUNDING KEYS Teaching the Simply Music Method

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — Amir Zitro will tell you that the breakthrough Simply Music piano teaching method and the contract construction work he’s done for years have more in common than you might think. Like carpentry, the Australian-invented process used by Zitro and his partner Kristin Fairfield at their local studios emphasizes careful attention to what the client wants to achieve, quick starts and immediate results.

Though from diverse backgrounds, neither Zitro or Fairfield are strangers to a wide variety of musical practice. Zitro, in addition to being a skilled journeyman, is a musician (primarily on bass) who has played with several bands in frequent local gigs — and has toured internationally — for ten years. Zitro is now making the transition to full-time music instruction, leaving behind the physically demanding construction field. Fairfield is the owner/director and creative force behind the Piedmont Performing Arts School (PPAS) which she founded in 2002 – a drama, movie-making and musical supplemental arts program offered in area elementary schools. She is also a jazz/pop/blues performing artist with four CDs under her belt and another currently in production.

The duo discovered the Simply Music method four years ago, when a friend they knew was new to piano played beautifully for them. They immediately fell in love with the method’s ease and simplicity. Zitro, who focuses on teaching students from ages 5-adult in his Berkeley piano studio, wants to ‘share the experience of being able to communicate through music.‘ As someone who has himself learned to play largely by ear, he finds the method incredibly easy both to learn AND to teach.

Both Fairfield and Zitro focus their piano classes on offering 5-7 year olds (and a few even younger!) the unique and new program from Simply Music called “Play a Story” program. Having noticed that there was no real comprehensive program for very young students, they are delighted that they’re students are able to “generate music from their hearts, expressing their true selves” with this new program from Simply Music and one of its teacher’s Lyndel Kennedy. Typically, Simply Music students can play – and even compose – from their very FIRST lesson!

How do Kristin and Amir’s students feel about Simply Music and Play a Story? The reviews are stellar from students and parents alike.

“My six year old daughter started taking piano lessons for the first time with Kristin this summer. She immediately fell in love with playing the piano. Kristin helps push her when she needs it and inspires her to try new things after every lesson. After only a few months she sees herself as a piano player,” says Jenny Riester Graham

If you’ve always had a secret – or not so secret – yearning to play piano, but thought it would be too difficult, you owe it to yourself to check out this fun, easy, relaxed method.    Both Kristin and Amir are holding open studios together for new Spring classes starting in March and April. Piano music lessons are offered in Berkeley and in Oakland. To attend an open studio visit: or call 510 292-6705.

About PPAS/Miamore Studios

PPAS/Miamore Studios brings innovative piano classes to the Berkeley and Oakland areas. Kristin Fairfield and Amir Zitro are highly skilled piano teachers in Berkeley who can easily and effectively teach anyone interested in learning to play the piano. These talented Simply Music teachers look at music in an entirely new light, transforming what it means to either teach piano or learn to play piano. The program sets a new standard in music education, and presents the possibility of a new era in self-expression through music. This breakthrough program has students of all ages playing great-sounding blues, contemporary, classical and accompaniment pieces – immediately – from their very first piano music lessons.


Amir Zitro