Announces Student-Athlete All-Stars for Spring 2013


Berkeley, California (EastBayDaily) — Berkeley Test All-Stars are intended to promote awareness of natural whole foods rich in Nitric Oxide-potency as an important component to one's cardiovascular health and wellness. The very foods that fuel the success of these student-athletes during the race is testimonial to the importance of diet for cardiovascular fitness.

For the Spring of 2013, the Berkeley Test Student-Athletes are: Sofia Oberg, Swedish National Track Team member & University of California John Dahlz, Coach-Athlete, Triathlon Team at the University of California, Berkeley William Huffman, Professional Triathlete, Texas A&M University

To optimize training and performance during races, these athletes each recognize the importance of a balanced whole food diet loaded with beets and leafy greens, such as spinach and arugula, which provide a natural source of inorganic nitrate. Vegetables rich in inorganic nitrate are the healthiest way to boost natural Nitric Oxide production in the body which has been shown to:

increase time-to-exhaustion, lower the need for oxygen during intensive training, elevate skeletal muscle oxygen delivery during exercise, improve exercise tolerance, and possibly lowers blood lactate during exercise.

British scientists from the University of Exeter have evaluated the effects of beet root juice on moderate to high-intensity cycling. The principal scientist, Professor Andrew Jones, summarized their findings: "…dietary supplementation with inorganic nitrate in the form of a natural food product cannot be achieved by any other known means, including long-term endurance exercise training. Our results suggest that increased dietary nitrate intake has the potential to enhance exercise tolerance during longer-term endurance exercise.’

Among a growing number of athletes there is a shift from highly-processed energy snack foods to natural whole foods; it would not be unusual to see energy sports drinks replaced by the likes of James White's well-characterized natural beetroot juice and processed snack bars and gel-based food stuff substituted by Chiquita's Fresh Express Spinach-Arugula Bagged Salad. Natural whole foods are emerging as the next power foods for sustained endurance training and racing.

In observing the eating behavior of successful athletes, their diets are not much different than the NIH DASH (Dietary Approach Stop Hypertension) diet, except for higher protein and increased vegetable consumption. A modified-DASH diet loaded with beets and spinach provides a rich source of natural inorganic nitrate which is converted in the body to Nitric Oxide.

In 1998, the Nobel prize for medicine was awarded for the discovery of Nitric Oxide as an important factor in cardiovascular health. Today, Nitric Oxide is recognized as a vital bioactive for cardiovascular fitness. Each of us are different in our ability to make Nitric Oxide and the demand for Nitric Oxide vary based on our physiology and diet. Nitric Oxide levels rise and fall throughout the day, hence, the challenge is to provide a dietary source, if necessary; as we grow older, the concern is compounded with a loss in Nitric Oxide synthesis, therefore, a whole food source of dietary inorganic nitrate for the body to produce Nitric Oxides becomes more relevant. Saliva Nitric Oxide Test Strips by Berkeley Test brings together Nitric Oxide rich foods and self-monitoring of whole body Nitric Oxide status.

To learn more about the athletic accolades of Berkeley Test's All-Stars for Spring 2013 and how they use Nitric Oxide Test Strips to track their Nitric Oxide levels visit us at Berkeley Test All-Stars at


Berkeley Test has been providing inexpensive saliva Nitric Oxide Test Strips to athletes as part of their training programs so they can measure and monitor the positive effects of a whole food diet rich in Nitric Oxide-potent vegetables. Recognizing the importance of monitoring saliva Nitric Oxide status for improving vascular heath, wellness and fitness, Berkeley Test is now making their proprietary Nitric Oxide Test available commercially.

The Nitric Oxide Test Strips by Berkeley Test are available at Amazon in tubes of 50 strips thereby allowing multiple measurements throughout the day. Athletic Team and Corporate Wellness discounts are available upon request at info(at)berkeleytest(dot)com.

Berkeley Test is committed to shifting society's current practice of managing chronic disease to preventing disease by providing a family of affordable, do-it-yourself self-administered saliva tests to monitor the levels of natural metabolites or 'health biomarkers' that our body makes to maintain our health and wellness. Berkeley Test is a registered mark with the USPTO and ‘Salivary Nitric Oxide Test Strips for Monitoring Vascular Wellness and Cardioprotective Diets’ is patent pending, 2012.

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