BETA Healthcare Group Expands Patient Safety Outreach with New Initiative Aimed at Emergency Departments

Alamo, California (EastBayDaily) — BETA Healthcare Group (BETA), the largest insurer of hospital professional liability coverage in California, announced six-month metrics for its Quest for Zero: Excellence in ED patient safety initiative aimed at improving emergency department safety and outcomes for patients. Modeled after BETA’s successful OB safety initiative, Quest for Zero is now benefiting 45 hospital emergency departments and emergency medical groups throughout California that are insured by BETA Risk Management Authority or Health Providers Insurance Reciprocal, RRG. “One in five children or young adults and one in four seniors age 65-years-plus pay a visit to the emergency room at least once per year*, making it one of the highest use—and highest risk—areas of a hospital. That adds up to a medical environment poised for improved safety,” said Tom Wander, BETA CEO. “Participation in Quest for Zero is 100% voluntary and demonstrates a strong commitment to ED healthcare excellence and safety. We are proud to be working in partnership with our members and insureds in pursuit of a combined goal to improve patient safety and outcomes, with the ultimate goal of zero preventable errors.”

To meet BETA’s strict ED patient safety standards, participants must complete a robust training and education curriculum specifically designed to address the most often cited issues in ED safety situations and lawsuits. Currently, 845 medical professionals have registered as Quest for Zero: Excellence in ED participants and together have logged 5,886 continuing education hours.

In year one of participation, five pre-selected online “learnings” administered by The Sullivan Group covering topics such as risk and safety, EKG interpretation, myocardial infarction and atypical chest pain in women must be completed. Alternate topics have also been developed to meet the needs of children’s hospitals in California. Continued Medical Education (CME) and Nursing Continued Education Units (CEUs) are provided for each completed course. Members and insureds may opt-in and begin the Quest for Zero curriculum at any time. ED teams completing all elements of the initiative are eligible to receive a contribution or premium renewal credit as well as recognition that can be featured in marketing materials, on the web and in their facilities. In the first six months of the initiative, four hospitals and emergency medical groups have completed Tier 1 requirements.

“The Excellence in ED initiative directly addresses the unique patient safety and care delivery issues that define the ED environment. The curriculum brings teams together on a number of levels while enhancing clinical knowledge through proven methods to increase patient safety,” said Laurel Grisbach, BETA Director of Risk Management. “The program can be tailored based on team needs, allowing individual departments to address specific safety and care challenges.” In 2012, BETA will expand Quest for Zero: Excellence in ED to include “Tier 2” options such as chart audits, quarterly drills/simulations, influencing cultural change, enhancing communication and advanced professional certification. Additional rate credits will be awarded to participants successfully completing both Tier 1 and Tier 2 criteria.

For additional information, contact Laurel Grisbach at lgrisbach(at)betahg(dot)com.

About BETA Healthcare Group BETA Healthcare Group (BETA) is the largest insurer of hospital professional liability coverage in California. Founded in 1979 as an alternative to commercial malpractice insurance, BETA now serves more than 100 California hospitals and healthcare facilities and nearly 5,000 physicians. BETA offers liability coverage through the BETA Risk Management Authority and Health Providers Insurance Reciprocal, RRG. The cost-effective structure and dedicated management of these insurers have earned BETA a reputation for financial strength, rate stability, service quality and breadth of coverage that is unparalleled in the industry. For more information, please visit

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