BETA Healthcare Group Selects Emmi Solutions to Improve Patient Communications and Reduce Risk

Alamo, California (EastBayDaily) — BETA Healthcare Group (BETA), the largest insurer of hospital professional liability coverage in California, will deliver Emmi Solutions’ technology to its members in a multi-year pilot initiative aimed at engaging and empowering patients to take a more active and informed role in their own healthcare. Emmi Solutions’ interactive, multimedia technology helps patients make sense of the complex, overwhelming medical information they face prior to a surgical procedure or in managing a chronic medical condition. Healthcare providers attribute Emmi’s use with helping to reduce surgical cancellation rates, length of stays and malpractice claims, and improve efficiency and patient satisfaction.

“BETA’s goal is to help our members deliver the best possible care to their patients. We know that improved patient/provider communication and outcomes are inextricably linked. Emmi has a proven record of helping clients attain both, which makes its technology an invaluable solution for our member hospitals,” said Annie Herlik RN, JD, CPHRM, vice president of Risk Management, BETA Healthcare Group.

Most malpractice claims are the result of a breakdown in communication between patient and doctor. Emmi Solutions’ technology engages patients so they understand what happens prior to a procedure, and the risks associated with it, which has been shown to help lead to a reduction in undesirable incidents at client hospitals.

The programs use a unique multimedia approach and conversational voice to make complex medical information easy to understand for patients and their families. Member facilities will have access to programs with topics ranging from surgical procedures spanning numerous specialties to managing chronic diseases including congestive heart failure and diabetes.

“Studies have shown that clarity and answers help improve overall outcomes,” said Jordan Dolin, founder and vice chairman of Emmi Solutions. “The platform is a win/win for patients, families and medical providers. BETA should be commended for encouraging its members to explore the solution as a way to drive better care while reducing risk.”

Six BETA member facilities are currently utilizing the Emmi patient engagement and education platform including John Muir Medical Center (Walnut Creek and Concord Campuses); El Camino Hospital (Mountain View and Los Gatos); Torrance Memorial Medical Center; and Ventura County Healthcare Agency.

“The response by BETA member hospitals to our pilot program–and to all BETA risk management initiatives–has been tremendous,” added Tom Wander, CEO, BETA Healthcare Group. “Few providers offer the breadth and depth of risk management programs BETA does. With each initiative aimed at improving patient safety, the benefits to care givers working in partnership with BETA have never been greater. We’re proud to be at the forefront of healthcare risk management efforts.”

About BETA Healthcare Group BETA Healthcare Group (BETA) is the largest insurer of hospital professional liability coverage in California, covering approximately 10,249 licensed beds in the state. Founded in 1979 as an alternative to commercial malpractice insurance, BETA now serves more than 100 city, county, district and nonprofit hospitals and healthcare facilities in California. In addition to comprehensive professional liability coverage, the company offers directors and officers liability, employment practices liability, and automobile coverage.

BETA offers liability coverage through the BHG Risk Management Authority and Health Providers Insurance Reciprocal, RRG. The cost-effective structure and dedicated management of these insurers have earned BETA a reputation for financial strength, rate stability, service quality, and breadth of coverage that is unparalleled in the industry. For more information, please visit

About Emmi Solutions, LLC Healthcare providers have prescribed Emmi® programs ( to more than two million patients and attribute their use with reduced surgical cancellation rates, length of stay and malpractice claims, and improved efficiency and patient satisfaction. The interactive media platform enables hospitals to track patient participation, enhance the patient experience and meet regulatory guidelines.

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BETA Healthcare Group