Better Hearing Center of San Leandro Announces it Offers Reliable Hearing Test

San Leandro, California (EastBayDaily) — Better Hearing Center of San Leandro is offering individuals suffering from hearing impairment a complimentary, no-obligation hearing test. “As a recognized hearing specialist in the Bay Area, rest assured that Better Hearing Center of San Leandro is here to address your concerns and make the right recommendations to suit your hearing needs and lifestyle,” said Shirley Peters of Better Hearing Center of San Leandro. “Our practice centers on providing our patients with the best level of service available. Whether you’re experiencing hearing loss, have tinnitus and looking for a tinnitus treatment, or are taking preventative measures to protect your hearing, our practitioners will conduct a complete hearing test to evaluate your hearing.”

Since 1966, Better Hearing Center has been providing residents with solutions for hearing loss with its wide selection of services. Better Hearing Center offers a comprehensive set of services, including hearing tests and evaluation, custom fit hearing aids, Tinnitus treatments, hearing aid maintenance and repair, and more. Better Hearing Center carries all of the newest and best hearing aid technology, including devices from Phonak, Oticon, Widex, ReSound,Starkey and Siemans.

It is also a Premier Elite Provider of Lyric hearing aids by Insound Medical, the world’s first and only invisible extended wear hearing device. With the innovation and technology that Better Hearing Center provides, individuals can now experience the comfort and the best solution for their hearing impairments and experience normal living without limits.

For more information about Better Hearing Center’s products and services, call (510) 957-8001 or visit

About Better Hearing Center

Better Hearing Center of San Leandro is a complete Bay Area hearing specialist. Open since 1996, Better Hearing Center has provided residents with comprehensive hearing tests for hearing loss and hearing aids. Better Hearing Center also offers a wide selection of hearing aids and offers maintenance and repairs.


Shirley Peters