BidTron, LLC launches its e-procurement platform for government entities and businesses that lowers purchasing costs to realize savings through live auctions

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — BidTron, LLC, an online e-procurement platform that enables real-time buying and selling through forward and reverse auctions, announces the global launch of its robust platform to help any business or government entity streamline their transactional and RFP processes while realizing significant savings through transparent bidding-events that can commoditize any products, materials or services to generate the lowest possible market prices.

The transparency of BidTron’s browser-based platform and its easy onboarding process for participants facilitates compelling bidding activity on its auctions, with minimal demands on the time and resources of BidTron users. The flexibility of BidTron’s dynamic platform enables any agent to manage their entire catalogue of buying and selling needs while reducing administrative work, minimizing procurement resource costs and increasing efficiency.

By enabling real-time competition between sellers for virtually any products, materials, or services, buyers can commoditize all of their purchases to create the truest – and lowest – market values for whatever they’re buying through their BidTron™ Reverse Auctions. Alternatively, Sellers can host BidTron™ Forward Auctions and generate the highest possible market value from their buyers for any products or services that are in high demand or limited supply. All auctions are highly customizable and can be configured to last any duration of time.

The user-friendly BidTron™ Auction Manager keeps a historical record of all bids submitted for all hosted auctions, facilitating record keeping and allowing for the easy review of all bids placed during an auction. Best-practice guidance and support are available to help drive adoption, onboard vendors and suppliers, and beat savings goals. The global reach, automated tools, and simple process flows help ensure compliance with any regulatory pricing, supplier, or payment policies.

BidTron CEO Todd Segmond says of the platform, “Just like the NYSE is a marketplace that commoditizes a company through the true real-time value of their worth based on its financials and future outlook, BidTron commoditizes the tangible products, materials, and services of any industry through live bidding events executed by BidTron’s exchanges.”


Ryan Segmond