Biolytic Lab Performance Inc. Launches the Dr. Oligo Synthesizer Platform: The World’s Fastest and Most Efficient High Throughput DNA, RNA, Oligonucleotide Synthesizer

Fremont, California (EastBayDaily) — World's Fastest High Throughput Synthesis

Boasting a total of 23 amidite delivery systems with up to 19 capable of low volume, 192 oligos can be synthesized as 20 bases in as little as 2 hours. The overall synthesis time can be further cut by up to 35%**** when enabling the double reagent dispensing option. This increases reagent delivery to up to 16 columns simultaneously allowing a 768 oligo synthesis run to be achieved in only 4 hours*.

Ultra Efficient in Reagent and Gas Consumption

Without sacrificing on the synthesis quality, the Dr. Oligo Synthesizer keeps operating costs down. A smaller gas chamber maintains up to an 80%***** reduction in gas spent while also taking considerably less time to pressurize. An additional bottle per reagent can be added to allow a bottle to run completely empty before being changed without having to re-prime the lines. Reagent flow rate through the synthesis media (columns) can be fine-tuned with up to three different pressure settings minimizing reagent consumption to achieve optimal synthesis. The optional low volume delivery system minimizes waste of expensive amidites by placing the valves and bottles on the nozzle plate thereby reducing the tubing for priming and delivery.

Key Features of the Dr. Oligo Synthesizer

Fastest High Throughput Synthesis     1 to 768 oligos synthesized in one run     Synthesize 768 oligos in as low as 4 hours* and 192 oligos in 2 1/2 hours******

Ultimate Efficiency     Three Pressure Levels — Fine tune reagent flow     Two Bottles Per Reagent — Changing bottles without repriming lines     Compact Gas Chamber — Up to an 80%**** reduction in gas consumption     Low Volume Delivery System — Minimizes waste of expensive amidites

Dr. Oligo 5.0 Software     View synthesis information at any time during synthesis     Start synthesis from any point     Auto adjust reagent delivery according to scale of synthesis     Powerful protocol editor     Manual mode auto clean of nozzles     Vary protocol based on cycle     Intelligent automated reprime of amidite nozzles     LABS management system compatible

Automated Synthesis and Media Flexibility     Synthesize, cleave, deprotect**, desalt, and elute all on one instrument     Designed to allow use of all available synthesis media systems

Superior Build Quality and Fully Upgradeable     Black anodized aluminum frame provides a sturdy and durable foundation     Power coated cart and HDPE liner prevents corrosion from harsh chemicals     Open design allows for existing or future upgrades

*- 12 minutes per cycle at 20 mers with double reagent dispensing option **- According to Biolytic research as of January 2014 ***- A de-protection chemistry at room temperature is required and reagents used must be compatible with the synthesis media ****- For any synthesis run with over 192 oligos *****- Over leading competitors ****** – 7 minutes per cycle at 20 mers

About Biolytic Lab Performance Inc.

Biolytic® Lab Performance, Inc. designs, manufactures and sells the most advanced oligo synthesizers in the world. Founded in 1993 by four of the leading experts in the biotech instrument service industry, Biolytic continues to provide superior quality, innovative products and esteemed services that push the limits of research and technology.

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