Blogtronix Expands Product Offerings – Introduces New Pricing

Berkeley, California (EastBayDaily) — Blogtronix unveils its new pricing structure in preparation for the releases of its version 3.5 and micro-social platform later this month. The new product offerings signify an effort by Blogtronix to put in place the most complete and scalable platform out of the box. The new pricing structure makes enterprise-level tools available for everyone while cutting costs for customers by as much as 50 percent compared to leading competitors.

Company News     In preparation for the launch of Blogtronix version 3.5 and the release of Blogtronix Micro, their new micro-social platform, Blogtronix has announced a major expansion of their product offerings and has revamped its pricing structure, making premium enterprise-level tools available out of the box to everyone..     The new pricing structure strengthens Blogtronix's position as the only major social business software provider of both a hosted and on premises solution for organizations of all sizes by dramatically enhancing scalability with prices up to 50% lower than its leading competitors.     The new social business solutions are: Blogtronix Now, which caters specifically to business units and small to medium businesses with less than 1,500 users, Blogtronix Community, which addresses the needs of larger communities and businesses that seek to scale, and Blogtronix Enterprise which focuses on large businesses who seek an on-premises solution with the utmost security in mind.

Details     Each of Blogtronix's product offerings is available for installation either on a client's server(s) or as a hosted solution.     BlogtronixNow comes standard with the most generous array of features on any business engagement platform at the entry level, including: a complete wiki, widgets, analytics, multimedia support and micro-blogging. At only $2 per user per month for up to 1500 users, BlogtronixNow is also the most affordable platform available at the entry level.     BlogtronixCommunity is the most scalable option available for over 1500 users, with a per user price starting as low as 20 cents a month. Additionally, BlogtronixCommunity grows with the needs of its clients by offering an a la carte array of the tools offered in Blogtronix Enterprise.     BlogtronixEnterprise was designed with the needs of the Enterprise in mind. It boasts a Compliance Engine for reporting, which was developed to the exact specifications of a Fortune 100 financial company. It comes standard with LDAP and SSO connectability. Other options include an Autonomy Search and Documentum connector as well as video-blogging. The on-site version of Blogtronix Enterprise comes standard with six server licenses and supports unlimited users, while the SaaS version supports up to 20,000 users at no additional charge. Both versions start at $120,000 per year for licensing.

Market Outlook     Blogtronix has established itself as an industry leader. Blogtronix is the only company to offer both hosted and on-premises solutions for everyone and Blogtronix is the only company to offer integrations with Documentum.     The new pricing model makes social business software considerably more affordable: BlogtronixNow customers pay at least 33 percent less than customers of comparable providers, and larger communities enjoy discounts as high as 50 percent compared to leading competitors.

What Blogtronix Is Saying     "Our new pricing reflects our commitment as a company to provide our customers with the most options, and the most affordable pricing in the industry," said Sean Engmann, COO of Blogtronix. "We have been able to achieve considerable reductions in prices without eliminating any aspects of the user experience, and we have enhanced our premium offerings by including as standard the features that our customers are clamoring for."     "One of the keys to social media is flexibility and affordability," added CEO Vassil Mladjov, "our platform is now the most democratic on the market. We don't require it to be hosted just one way, and we've priced it in a way that allows everyone to use our tools. It's not just for organizations with large budgets."

About Blogtronix: Founded in 2005 and based in Berkeley, CA, Blogtronix is a pioneer social software company that was one of the first companies in the world to offer a comprehensive social software suite. It is dedicated to helping companies maximize their valuable asset, their employees, while bringing them closer to their customers and increasing their visibility by providing them with the agility to adapt quickly to any situation and the tools to maximize the flow of information both inside and outside of their organization. For more information, visit

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