Blogtronix to Bring Micro-Social to the Enterprise

Berkeley, California (EastBayDaily) — Blogtronix, a pioneer in social software, today announced plans to unveil a comprehensive micro-social platform for the enterprise at November's Web 2.0 Expo in New York City.

The new micro-social platform, called Blurt It, represents the next phase in Blogtronix's strategy to provide the enterprise with tools that give it the agility of a small business. The platform also represents the byproduct of Blogtronix's April acquisition of Edno23 software and its development team.

The launch of Blurt It will coincide with the release of the 3.5 version of Blogtronix's Enterprise Social Platform, which will include built-in micro-social functionality as well as a revamped group architecture, advanced search functionality and a best in class activity feed.

Market Outlook

As people become more accustomed to social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter, enterprises have seen the business value in social software and have been trending toward the adoption of social software suites, such as the Blogtronix Enterprise Social Platform.

While social software suites have gone a long way toward bringing companies together, at the enterprise level, they have not done enough to improve the agility, responsiveness or the adaptability of the enterprise.

Blurt It combines the best features of the Blogtronix Enterprise Social Platform with cutting edge micro-blogging technology to allowing members of an organization to send and receive messages internally and to customers in real-time, allowing a large organization to quickly respond to crisis and to rapidly adapt to changing conditions, giving the enterprise an unparalleled level of agility.

Key Features

Blurt It will include features built specifically for the enterprise, including micro-blogging, multimedia support and an industry leading real-time dashboard that is fully mobile. It will also feature fully integrated, comprehensive social networking functionality, user group creation and advanced search.

For ease of use, the Blurt It platform will be offered exclusively as a service.

Blurt It will also be the first micro-social platform to be fully white-labeled, allowing Blogtronix's partners and customers to offer the platform as a service for re-sale.

What Blogtronix is Saying

"Twitter has really revolutionized how people share information," said Vassil Mladjov, CEO of Blogtronix, "We have used our expertise in developing enterprise social platforms to give that information its proper context. Blurt It will allow a frustrated customer, for example, to get critical information from an expert within the company, bypassing the lengthy, costly and often inefficient customer service process."

"Within a large company collaboration is hard," said Sean Engmann, COO of Blogtronix, "Blurt It allows teams working in multiple locations to form workgroups and collaborate in real-time. The speed will really allow them to adapt quickly to any unexpected changes."

About Blogtronix: Founded in 2005 and based in Berkeley, CA, Blogtronix is dedicated to helping companies maximize their most valuable asset, their employees, while bringing them closer to their customers and increasing their visibility by providing them with the agility to adapt quickly to any situation and the tools to maximize the flow of information both inside and outside of their organization. For more information, visit

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