Blue Iguana Software Announces the Launch of Blue Iguana Software Business Edition

Pleasanton, California (EastBayDaily) — Blue Iguana Software LLC, a provider of green certification software solutions, today announced the release of Blue Iguana Software Business Edition. Blue Iguana Software is the industry’s first software application that enables organizations to adopt an eco-friendly business model in a cost-effective form factor.

“Our core focus is to provide companies and organizations with a cost-effective solution to achieve green certification,” stated Alfred Jackson, Blue Iguana Software Vice President of Sales. “Today, if a company wants to go green; the standard process is to bring in an outside consultant, which can result in substantial consulting fees. Blue Iguana Software can achieve better results at a fraction of the cost. To our knowledge, we’re the only stand-alone software application on the market that addresses this important issue.”

Blue Iguana Software Business Edition is designed to help companies become more eco friendly and at the same time save money. Using the Eco Friendly Business Analysis Tool (EBAT), organizations answer a series of straightforward survey type questions applicable to various business areas, such as corporate real estate, infrastructure, products/materials, business processes, and more. Based on these answers, Blue Iguana Software performs a comprehensive analysis to determine how green your organization is, and more importantly, the opportunity for improvement. The software processes the results and produces a green rating along with a report that provides recommended actions a company should take to make it more environmentally friendly. Companies with a green rating of 90% or better achieve the Blue Iguana Software Green Certified Company seal.

“In addition to cost savings, our key advantage is the reach of our analysis,” Jackson continued. “Most green assessments today only address an organization’s facilities or materials usage. We cover those but also dig deep into IT infrastructure, business processes, fleet management, and other areas with significant metrics. Blue Iguana Software Business Edition provides the most comprehensive green analysis tool on the market in a unique, easy to use stand-alone software form factor.”

Blue Iguana Software is dedicated to helping companies reduce their impact on the environment. Benefits of going green include:     Informs customers, partners and vendors you are serious about the environment     Maintains and encourages good community relations     Improves corporate image     Helps with conservation of raw materials and energy     Reduces operating costs     Improves industry/government relations, and in some cases provides significant tax benefits     Streamlines your business process and saves employees time

Availability and Pricing Blue Iguana Software Business Edition is available immediately. Blue Iguana Software Business Edition will be priced at $499.

About Blue Iguana Software Blue Iguana Software was founded to help companies develop a more eco friendly business model while helping them understand the cost benefits of an eco friendly workplace. Blue Iguana Software has proven by becoming an eco friendly, green company you can become more efficient and significantly reduce your costs at the same time. Blue Iguana Software is always striving to find new and inexpensive ways for companies to adopt a more eco friendly approach to their business practices. Blue Iguana Software is a member of the board of directors for Project 66, a large Bay Area organization dedicated to helping inner cities with education,

environmental issues, and impoverished families. Blue Iguana Software has partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation to plant a tree for every new registered product sold. Blue Iguana Software is a proud member of the Green Chamber of Commerce. To learn more, visit or call (925) 626-7125.


Fabiola Acevedo
Blue Iguana Software LLC