BlueSnap Launches Plimus eCommerce Technology Platform Ecosystem

Fremont, California (EastBayDaily) — BlueSnap, a global provider of Open Commerce technology and services that maximize revenues through recurring payment solutions, today announced the release of the BlueSnap Plimus Ecosystem. The BlueSnap Plimus Ecosystem is a collection of solutions, services and extensions that broaden BlueSnap’s Plimus e-Business Platform technology enabling merchants to increase average revenue per sale and lifetime average revenue per user to exceed their business goals.

The Plimus Ecosystem includes solutions created by BlueSnap Expert Services, as well as offerings developed and offered by 3rd party developers and service providers. The initial catalog of options available to BlueSnap clients include:     Integration to Word Press blogs, enabling a quick and visually-rich approach to consuming and analyzing the platform’s Instant Payment Notifications (IPNs)     Integration to the Zibaba Facebook commerce platform, powering Facebook-resident stores that monetize Facebook and social web traffic     WalkMe service, enables SaaS commerce website owners to easily create multiple interactive on-screen Walk-Thru’s that guide users to quickly complete even the most complex tasks.     Kampyle services, for powering better e-commerce through direct, embedded online customer feedback     One Hour Translation services, for immediate and accurate translations provided by live human experts

Hagai Tal, CEO of BlueSnap, noted that, “BlueSnap is dedicated to delivering technology, through our Plimus e-Business Platform, that drives increased transaction sizes, highly optimized processing and sustainable recurring customer relationships. The addition of extensions to best-of-breed technologies and services empowers BlueSnap clients to continue to innovate in the area of Open Commerce, bringing effective, high-margin commerce solutions to their customer base.”

Services and integrations offered from ecosystem partners that have associated costs are available to users of the BlueSnap Plimus e-Business Platform at a discount from the standard retail rate. Individual discounts are clearly identified, and accessible to BlueSnap clients without question.

“Bringing great new options to our clients, at a substantial discount, is a continuation of our commitment to driving profitable revenue growth throughout our business,” concluded Simon Jones, BlueSnap VP of Marketing. “The Plimus Ecosystem will continue to grow, delivering value to our clients, who are among the most innovative in the world in bringing appealing offers to the market, and successfully selling through to their target audiences.”

BlueSnap clients can explore the BlueSnap Plimus Ecosystem online through the Developers section of the Plimus. com platform website. Vendors and service providers interested in offering their solutions to BlueSnap clients should contact the company direct at ecosystem(at)plimus(dot)com.

ABOUT BLUESNAP BlueSnap, Inc. maximizes revenues through recurring payment solutions that meet the rapidly changing needs of today’s global, digital brands. Helping companies of all sizes optimize customer engagement to capitalize on revenue, BlueSnap enhances initial purchase sizes, global conversion rates and recurring purchases with a proven technology that leverages more than a decade of digital commerce expertise. BlueSnap provides a compliant and secure business environment that scales the consumer experience, turning online browsers into buyers. For more information visit


Media Contact: Charles Born

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