BNatrl Launches its Silver Water Solution

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — Representatives with BNatrl ( announced today that it has officially launched its new Silver Water, an alkaline structured silver solution.

“All our silver products will be using this new formula,” said Bo Gustafsson, head of product development for BNatrl, which launched the solution December 1.

Gustafsson explained that the new alkaline structured silver water is unique due to the fact that it has different forms of silver that can be beneficial even when a drug or antibiotic could not be.

That means, according to Gustafsson, wounds can heal better using liquid silver and silver gels.

Gustafsson went on to note that the company has found people that have infections, like MRSA, that were not being contained or were not being controlled by an antibiotic, that used structured silver water on a daily basis and it did work.

He added that “structured silver water is useful for wound care, for use daily as an immune booster, and for use as you need it topically or internally.”

Lis Herrey, CEO of BNatrl noted that, “We are continuing to develop our silver solution to taste like water, remove risk of toxicity, and to improve effectiveness of the silver to kill harmful bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Our new Silver Water represents a significant step forward in silver sol technology.”

New technology, according to company representative, has made structured silver extremely more effective than the old colloidal or ionic silvers.

The new silver requires very small amounts, is non-toxic, and is extremely safe. It even outperforms silver aquasols from the last decade by a wide margin.

In addition, it’s scientifically supported, Herrey said, before pointing out that “numerous lab reports and research studies have documented the benefits of using silver. In fact, scientists have found that structured silver can destroy 99.9 percent of all bacteria, viruses, mold, fungus and other pathogens. It begins to destroy pathogens within the first 15 seconds.”

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About BNatrl LLC

BNatrl is a for-profit social enterprise that develops and manufactures natural, organic products and renewable energy products. Ten percent of the profits are used to improve health in developing nations.

Our mission is to provide natural, healthy, and environmentally friendly products and maintain a sustainable business model focused on creating products to improve health in developing nations. This is why we have dedicated a portion of our profits for this cause. To accomplish our mission, we provide a fun work environment where all employees are treated fairly and with respect, with the customer as our number one priority.

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