BNatrl Launches New Silver Solution Product

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — Representatives with BNatrl announced today that it has officially released a new product called BNatrl Silver Solution 12ppm.

“It’s safe for everyday use,” said Lis Herrey, CEO and spokesperson for BNatrl LLC. “It helps boost your immune system and protect you and your loved ones from harmful pathogens and microbes.”

BNatrl develops and manufactures organic food and supplements, renewable energy, and clean water products, with 10 percent of profits being used to fund projects that improve health in developing nations.

Herrey, a four-time California Businesswoman of the Year award winner while working for Exsertus Assist, a company she had founded, explained that her company started creating products such as its latest product due to the fact that, in her opinion, it’s difficult to trust the food sold in stores today and how it’s produced.

“We wanted to create a brand that is trusted to keep high standards of not only our food and supplements, but also our operations,” Herrey stressed, before adding, “We are working to develop a stronger community of charity organizations that can collaborate and work together to improve health in developing nations.”

Silver Sol’s patented technology processes silver molecules into nano particles that are easily dispersed and kept suspended in purified water – this is the key to their gentle effectiveness.

BNatrl Silver Solution 12ppm features nano-sized particles of silver, concentration, catalytic action and is approved by the FDA.

The newly released product has three purchase options.

Customers can purchase one 16-ounce bottle for $33.75 or purchase a four pack for $96.50 or a 12 pack for $273.

“Silver Solution is a natural antibacterial ointment that can be used to kill bad bacteria, virus, or fungus,” Herrey pointed out. “In two to three weeks we will have our new portable generators and air water generator ready.”

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About BNatrl LLC

BNatrl is a for-profit social enterprise that develops and manufactures natural, organic products and renewable energy products. 10% of the profits are used to improve health in developing nations.

BNatrl has developed healthy products that people can trust. How many times have you been surprised by the amount of high fructose corn syrup, sodium nitrate, MSG, or butylated hydroxyanisole (whatever that is!) present in the foods we eat daily! These are only some of the many harmful ingredients food, vitamin, and health companies choose to inject in their products to lower costs, increase shelf life, or otherwise trick the consumer into buying the product.

Our goal with our businesses has always been to provide a social benefit to others in the global community. BNatrl works with charities and government organizations in to develop products that address health needs in developing countries.

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