Bond-X Green®, the Environmentally Friendly Cold Patch Asphalt Repair Product, is Now Available for West Coast Consumers

Emeryville, California (EastBayDaily) — NuGeneration Technologies (NuGenTec) announced today their first bulk manufacturing of Bond-X Green® on the West Coast. Bond-X Green® is a breakthrough in the cold asphalt industry since the product contains none of the petroleum based softeners such as diesel, toluene, kerosene, and naphthalene used in traditional asphalt that includes VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). Without sacrificing quality or increasing costs, Bond-X Green® is the ideal green solution for making roads safer, smoother and less dangerous, quickly and efficiently. Produced at the BoDean Asphalt Company in Santa Rosa, the 400 tons of the environmentally friendly cold patch asphalt repair product is ready for consumption by all organizations committed to green repair technology and VOC compliance. This first production run of Bond-X Green® is one of the many scheduled as NuGenTec introduces this green and economical cold patch asphalt repair solution to the western United States.

Bond-X Green® contains zero VOCs and is manufactured at a much lower temperature than the conventional mix, which reduces fuel consumption. Furthermore, the manufacturing process involves the use of only renewable resources with long-term sustainability as well as recyclable packaging for distribution in order to achieve a significant reduction in its overall carbon footprint. With the recently more stringent EPA and California Air Quality Management (AQMD) regulations for VOC emissions, switching to Bond-X Green® allows cities and municipalities not only to meet all regulatory standards but also exceed them substantially. Simply put, Bond-X Green® is a natural solution for compliance with California VOC regulation AQMD 1152, since it is the only cold patch product with zero VOC emissions in the market.

Given the ever-increasing environmental and health concerns of businesses, governments, organizations, and consumers, Bond-X Green® represents the only viable solution as the asphalt repair product for safer, smoother, and less dangerous roads. The product can be used to repair dangerous potholes, wide cracks, ruts, etc. within minutes on both concrete and asphalt pavements, regardless of weather conditions. Repaired areas can also be open to traffic immediately after application. In addition, Bond-X Green® is a “permanent patch” solution and should remain in the repaired area indefinitely. Cities and municipalities would save considerable labor costs as workers will not be constantly repairing an area where other types of asphalt mix were used previously.

NuGenTec offers Bond-X Green® in bulk quantities and in 60-lb bags. The company has multiple distribution points throughout California and the entire West Coast. Interested parties wishing to purchase or distribute Bond-X Green® are encouraged to contact NuGenTec at 1-800-409-3142.

About NuGeneration Technologies

NuGeneration Technologies (NuGenTec) supplies advanced green solutions to customers in high-tech, medical device, biotech, government, and semi-conductor industries. NuGenTec’s new Bond-X Green® high performance cold patch and USDA BIO-Based line are industry leaders in the quest for greener and more earth-friendly products. The company, founded in 1997, has its headquarters and R&D Labs in Emeryville, CA. It provides over 600 products and develops customized solutions for its customers with its focus on scientific and technological breakthroughs. NuGenTec employees include highly qualified and experienced chemists and engineers. Its business philosophy adapts Total Process Integration through specialty-formulated chemistries and the management team is dedicated to the innovation of new green products and processes with more than 175 years of combined experience in the specialty chemistry industry.


Donato Polignone
NuGeneration Technologies