Bone Conduction Audio Technology Experience Coming to CES Show 2009

Alameda, California (EastBayDaily) — GameChanger Products LLC is pleased to announce the Bone Conduction Audio Technology Experience debuting at CES Show in Las Vegas, January 8-11. The exhibit will allow attendees to experience new audio technology that allows portable iPod and MP3 music listeners to hear music transmitted through their bones.    GameChanger and developer Goldendance Co., Ltd., of Japan will be conducting interactive demonstrations of the Bone Conduction audio technology during the CES Show at the Goldendance booth in the Sands Expo and Convention Center/The Venetian (Booth #71740).

With Bone Conduction audio technology, sound waves are transformed into tiny vibrations that are heard directly by the inner ear – completely bypassing the ear drums. Listeners can hear clear, stereo music even while wearing ear plugs.

“It is a different sensation. You really need to experience it first-hand to appreciate it,” said Larry Popelka, president of GameChanger.

The companies have one product on the U.S. market – Audio Bone 1.0 – a set of stereo headphones selling for $189, which was launched in August, 2008. Hailed as “the definition of innovative” by Innovation and Technology News and “what may be the future of listening technology” by Our Digital Music, Audio Bone 1.0 was a CES Show 2009 Innovations Design and Engineering Award Honoree. The headphones are designed for runners, cyclists, office workers and others who need to hear sounds around them – for safety or other reasons – while still listening to music. The headphones are placed on the bones in front of the user’s ears, leaving the ears open to hear other sounds.

At the Bone Conduction Audio Technology Experience at CES Show 2009, attendees will not only be able to try Audio Bone, but they will also get a glimpse at the future of Bone Conduction audio technology. One of the devices in the booth at the CES Show will be capable of playing music not only through the bones on the listener’s head, but through the bones on their hands and arms – and even through a tabletop.

“This is a must-see CES Show exhibit for anyone interested in the future of audio technology,” said Popelka.

While the ability to hear through one’s bones has been known for over 100 years, until now no one had invented a way to clearly play music and other sounds using Bone Conduction audio technology. Goldendance is a world leader in Bone Conduction audio technology, and has several patents in the area, including four on Audio Bone 1.0.

More information on Audio Bone and Bone Conduction audio technology is also available at and CES Show booth #71740.

About GameChanger: GameChanger Products, LLC of Alameda, CA is a new Consumer Products Innovation company founded in 2007 by Larry Popelka, former VP of New Ventures at the Clorox Company. GameChanger’s team also includes former executives from Procter & Gamble, Orange-Glo International and Leo Burnett.

About Goldendance Co., Ltd.: Goldendance Co., Ltd. is a company based in Osaka, Japan which specializes in researching, developing and manufacturing bone conduction oscillators. Their bone conduction products have attracted much attention worldwide. They have gained an excellent reputation in Japan and are expanding around the world. The company’s philosophy is bringing happiness to people’s life by creating products for healthier listening that will not tire the ears.

For more information, contact GameChanger products at: 510-521-7985.


Larry Popelka
GameChanger Products, LLC