Book Entitled ‘Addicted Customers’ Ties Split-Personalities to Loyalty and Trust

Martinez, California (EastBayDaily) — Silverado Press announces the publication of a new book by John I. Todor, Ph.D. entitled Addicted Customers: How to Get Them Hooked on Your Company. Dr. Todor provides insights on the psychological principles that underlie compelling customer experiences and finishes with the business strategies to put these principles into action.

Todor persuasively argues, “In an era of abundance and overwhelming choice, customer relationships, not products, are the most important source of competitive differentiation.” He adds, “The good news is that customers really do want trusting and close relationships. They want these types of bonds because they reduce stress and help them adapt to a rapidly changing world.”

The central theme of the book is that each individual buys with two distinct personalities. The indifferent personality seeks convenience and the best price. The emotionally engaged personality gets intrinsic satisfaction from the full customer experience, which further stimulates desire. Engaged customers seek relationships that enable these experiences. Addicted Customers spells out the psychological principles that lead to compelling customer experiences that engage customers and business strategies that put these principles into action.

Addicted Customers adds a new dimension to the rapidly growing field of Customer Experience Management (CEM). CEM practitioners typically place heavy emphasis on making the selling environment more appealing–an essential first step. John Todor adds a psycho-economic framework that lays out the next several steps that lead to truly engaged customers.

Most importantly, Addicted Customers provides a strategic platform to apply CEM to the consumptive experience–the aspect of experiences that is critically important to customers. According to Todor, loyalty accrues because customers value what the relationship can do for them in the future

The implications of emotional and consumptive value might seem most obvious in the business-to-consumer sector. Todor convincingly argues that the strategies are equally powerful in a business-to-business context.

The early reviews are very positive.

Tom Darcy of IBM calls this book “a roadmap for identifying, developing and creating the ultimate in business relationship–Addicted Customers.”

Bill Flitter, founder of Pheedo, Inc., says “Keep a notepad by your side. This book will inspire great ideas on how you can engage your customers during the buying experience.”

According to Ron Tonini, CEO of Picture Marketing, “It’s provides powerful answers that are simple to grasp and easy to put into action.”

Financial Consultant, Kenneth Lersten, Ed.D., says “Addicted Customers should be required reading in every marketing and employee training program.”

“John Todor has taken complicated psychological concepts and made them easy to understand. Then he shows you how to take advantage of this new knowledge for the benefit of both your company and your customers”–Joe Beaulaurier, Marketing Manger,

“John Todor uses clear and persuasive writing to really cut through the cookie cutter business writing ‘how to’ clutter and captures the essence of building true, long term customer relationships. I think this book should be on everyone’s ‘must read’ list.”

–David Curran, CEO, Data Communiqué International

Addicted Customers is a 248 page hardcover book. It is now available at or

John I. Todor, Ph.D. is the Managing Partner of The Whetstone Edge, LLC, a customer experience consulting and training firm that applies scholarly research on human behavior to buyer-seller dynamics including customer loyalty, trust, retention, customer service, CRM–customer relationship management, and marketing strategy. Customer care, acquisition, and client relationships are profoundly affected by the underlying psychological principles that lead to customer satisfaction, trust, loyalty, and long term, high lifetime value. He speaks and consults worldwide on these topics. More information is available at

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