Brentwood Periodontist Speaks at Paris Conference

Brentwood, California (EastBayDaily) — Patients suffering from gum disease often develop gum recession, wherein the gum tissue pulls away, exposing more of the tooth and tooth root. Gum recession can cause sensitivity to hot and cold food and liquid, and also makes the patient self-conscious about smiling. Dr. Alexandre-Amir Aalam, the first US periodontist trained in the use of Advanced-Platelet Rich Fibrin, was chosen to speak at Syfac, a Paris conference on blood derived growth factor, on how to use a patient’s own blood to enhance the outcome of gum recession treatment.

“Advanced Platelet Rich Fibrin helps speed recovery time and reduce pain and inflammation,” said Dr. Aalam, also a professor at USC, “so the topic was of great interest to the medical professionals in the audience.”

Dr. Aalam’s use of Advanced Platelet Rich Fibrin has garnered rave reviews from patients, many of whom avoid the dentist for years before finally seeking treatment for gum disease and gum recession. Currently, gum disease is the second most common ailment in the world — second only to the common cold and far more prevalent than diabetes, cancer, and the flu.

“As gum disease rates rise, and more and more people seek help restoring healthy smiles, Advanced Platelet Rich Fibrin will likely become more and more common. Many of my patients are surprised by how little discomfort they experience during and after procedures enhanced by Advanced Platelet Rich Fibrin,” enthused Dr. Aalam.

At Brentwood’s CENTER for Advanced Periodontal and Implant Therapy, Dr. Aalam works alongside Dr. Alina Krivitsky, also a periodontist and USC professor, performing a wide range of cosmetic and restorative periodontal procedures. Offerings include dental implants, gum grafts, gum depigmentation, crown lengthening, wisdom tooth extraction, and treatment of impacted teeth.

“Gum recession is treatable, but like anything else, it’s easiest to address in its earliest stages,” said Dr. Aalam. “The moment you notice your gums bleeding or receding, you should schedule a visit with a periodontist. If you wait, the consequences can be dire.”

Dr. Alexandre-Amir Aalam and Dr. Alina Krivitsky are board certified Brentwood periodontists specializing in dental implants and gum and tissue diseases. They opened the CENTER, a periodontal office focused on providing patients with excellent and skilled care at affordable prices, with the goal of restoring oral health and aesthetic appearance. They are alumni of the prestigious Ostrow School of Dentistry at USC and are still heavily involved in academia and giving back to future periodontists at USC. They are also the only two board-certified periodontists in the Brentwood area of Los Angeles.

If you or someone you know is interested in scheduling an appointment with the CENTER for Advanced Periodontal & Implant Therapy, we encourage you to contact 310-826-8242 today.


Risa Goldman