Brooklyn Academy Roots Hosts “Me and Moms” Fitness Event to Promote Pregnant and FIT! iPhone App August 19 at 10am

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — “Me and Moms” is a public event open to all moms with new babies in the East Bay for a free, fun workout. Moms can come solo or with baby. Refreshments will be provided. All fitness levels are welcome.

Getting back into shape after pregnancy can be daunting. Pregnant and FIT! is a fitness iPhone app that can also be used post pregnancy. After being cleared by one’s doctor for exercise, users should start with level one, Mama’s Tired, until the exercises become easy. By the time users are ready to move onto level two, Feelin’ Good, they will be in moderately good shape. All areas of fitness except cardio are targeted: stabilization, balance, muscular endurance, strength, core and flexibility to help mom get fit.

Pregnant and FIT! teaches mindfulness, body awareness and sense of self so that every participant can safely progress to her next fitness level. Video, audio and kinesthetics are used to effectively help users perform each exercise correctly.

Pregnant and FIT! is the only pregnancy app on the market that can be personalized. The user first chooses the duration of the workout. When a short, 30-minute workout is optimal, the app automatically generates a program that targets each body part, creating a workout of 5 exercises. If the user has more time on her hands, she can customize the workout herself. The full body workout prompts her to choose from two exercises from each body part (legs, back, chest, arms and core) creating a complete program of 10 exercises in all. The user then chooses from three levels or “moods” — Mama’s Tired, Feelin’ Good and SuperMom.

Brooklyn Academy Roots is a fitness center that specializes in cross training. The studio offers classes in self-defense, martial arts and conditioning. BAR offers technique and skill in reality-based self defense. The self defense system, Vee Arnis Jujitsu, originates from Brooklyn, NY as does its sensei. Personal training sessions target injury rehabilitation, sports performance and weight loss. Private pilates sessions focus on flexibility, core strength and pre and post natal fitness. The holistic nutrition program specializes in women’s health issues and food intolerances.


Mindy Berla
Brooklyn Academy Roots LLC

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