Brooklyn Academy Roots Lowers Price of its iPhone App Pregnant and FIT! to $4.99

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — Usually selling for $6.99, Pregnant and FIT! can now be purchased through iTunes for $4.99. With 75 exercises to choose from, Pregnant and FIT! offers a variety of workouts and focuses only on exercise.

Exercising while pregnant can be performed safely with the right guidance. Pregnant and FIT! goes beyond traditional fitness DVD’s and promotes learning by allowing the user to interact with the program. As the user must choose her workouts, she becomes acquainted with the names of exercises. This connection to strength training reinforces her interest and makes the experience an educational tool. Pregnant and FIT! is the only pregnancy fitness app that offers this wide variety of exercises. The app includes 5 exercises per body part, per level, with 75 different exercises in all.

Pregnant and FIT! is the only pregnancy fitness app on the market that can be personalized. The user first chooses the duration of the workout. When a short, 30-minute workout is optimal, the app automatically generates a program that targets each body part, creating a workout of 5 exercises. If the user has more time on her hands, she can customize the workout herself. The full body workout prompts her to choose from two exercises from each body part (legs, back, chest, arms and core) creating a complete program of 10 exercises in all. The user then chooses from three levels or “moods” — Mama’s Tired, Feelin’ Good and SuperMom.

All areas of fitness except cardio are targeted: stabilization, balance, muscular endurance, strength, core and flexibility. The app teaches mindfulness, body awareness and sense of self. Video, audio and kinesthetics are used to effectively teach users how to safely perform each exercise correctly.

As the customer frequents the app, she becomes more likely to pursue strength training after her pregnancy as well. Becoming familiar with weights and bands encourages her to then get back into shape after birth of baby. Regular usage of the app reinforces body awareness. As the user performs physical movement correctly while her developing body changes, she becomes more in tune with herself, making for a better pregnancy.


Mindy Berla
Brooklyn Academy Roots LLC

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