Brooklyn Academy Roots Offers Fall Promotion for Personal Training in Oakland, CA

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — Brooklyn Academy Roots combines fitness, nutrition and self-defense training all in one studio for the brave of heart. BAR integrates the drive and intensity of New York City with the steady serenity of northern California to create a fitness experience like no other. BAR focuses on keeping the body healthy and strong through functional fitness and self-defense training.

The fall promotion includes three 1/2 hour personal training sessions for $99, 4 one-hour sessions for $299 and 8 one-hour sessions for $599. This promotion is almost half off regular rates for personal training at the studio. These packages are available to any clients who have never had personal training at BAR before.

Co-owner and trainer at BAR, Mindy chose fitness as a career path once she realized that she could be the type of role model she wishes she had growing up. Mindy Berla is a personal trainer who has trained over 100 clients in New York City and the SF Bay Area, including Oakland and the east bay. Mindy believes that everyone has the potential to endeavor to greatness and that each day is a new possibility to do so, no matter the challenge. Mindy shows her clients that a woman can look and feel better at age 40 than she did at age 20. Mindy’s passion is to help women become strong through fitness. She has helped over 100 clients become fit and has guided them to lose anywhere from 5-50 pounds. Mindy is certified in NASM-CPT, CES, TRX and Pilates. Mindy is a certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant and believes that mind and body are one. Mindy has created and produced an iPhone app for pregnant women to stay in shape while pregnant, called Pregnant and FIT! available on iTunes. Mindy specializes in nutritional weight loss, injury rehabilitation and prenatal and postnatal fitness.

BAR’s Personal Training Program is designed to achieve results in weight loss, enhance sports performance and address injury rehabilitation. BAR’s one-on-one Pilates sessions strengthen the core, improve flexibility and help relieve lower back pain. The holistic nutrition consulting program focuses on providing the best guidance and training on weight loss, food allergies and digestive health in the bay area.

BAR is a membership based studio with the best self-defense in Oakland. Vee Arnis Ju-Jitsu is a self-defense program for those seeking how to defend themselves in a hostile situation. How to disarm a weapon along with locks, holds and breaks are drills taught in this system. For those who work hands-on with combat or anyone seeking reality-based self-defense skills, this system is tactical and effective.

In addition to self-defense, Brooklyn Academy Roots specializes in personal training, holistic nutrition, reformer pilates and prenatal and postnatal fitness.

BAR offers a one-of-a-kind mobile personal training program for pregnant women with its iphone app Pregnant and FIT! This app allows the user to personally customize her workout program based on her body's ever-changing needs. Energy levels increase with this pregnant exercise iPhone app. Each user can choose from 75 exercises and perform them correctly with audio and video as guidance.

From getting back into shape after pregnancy to defending oneself in a sticky situation, Brooklyn Academy Roots is cross training at its best. This small studio runs the gamut of fitness while maintaining the integrity of instruction by giving personal attention to its clientele.


Mindy Berla
Brooklyn Academy Roots LLC

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