Brooklyn Academy Roots Presents Nutrition Counseling in Oakland

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — Lose weight and keep it off in 2013. Brooklyn Academy Roots is launching its holistic nutrition program for Oakland in Jack London Square. Coupled with excellent personal training, this boutique studio offers unlimited access to fitness classes with the purchase of nutrition or personal training in Oakland packages.

The ART of Eating for Energy is nutrition counseling in Oakland at its best. This nutrition program specializes in weight loss and women's health issues. This program was created because the owners of Brooklyn Academy Roots kept meeting women who were unable to lose weight with exercise and caloric deficit alone. The ART of Eating for Energy explores digestive health, hormonal balance and food sensitivities to determine holistic weight loss for each individual.

Packages in nutrition alone are available as well as combining personal training with nutrition. Brooklyn Academy Roots cares about results and this is why free unlimited classes are offered with packages. Nutrition consultation can be in person or via phone and email.

The ART of Eating for Energy teaches its clients how foods affect us, physically, mentally and emotionally. This holistic program offers hands-on guidance to learning what foods work best for each individual and how to find balance with food choices on a daily basis. The ART of Eating for Energy teaches about eating whole foods that are seasonal, local, unprocessed and organic. Learn how to have a healthier relationship with food through this program.

–Mindy Berla is a Nutrition Consultant and Personal Trainer in Oakland. Mindy has helped over 100 people reach their fitness goals in New York City, San Francisco and Oakland. Mindy specializes in helping women get healthy and strong at any age and at any fitness level. She lives and loves fitness. The results her clients get exemplifies her dedication to helping people blossom into the very best versions of themselves.


Mindy Berla
Brooklyn Academy Roots LLC

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