Brooklyn Academy Roots Shares the Love this Month with a 50% Discount on iPhone App Pregnant and FIT! $2.99 this Month Only

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — February is a time of connection. For this month only Brooklyn Academy Roots wants women to connect with their bodies and baby. For a limited time only, BAR is offering iphone app Pregnant and FIT! at half price. Instead of buying a box of chocolates this month, women can get this DIY boutique fitness iPhone app for under $3 to stay in shape throughout pregnancy.

Pregnant and FIT! is a customizable app that offers 75 exercises and three intensity levels to choose from. Working out while pregnant can be confusing. Women want to be safe, but want to stay in shape and be the healthiest they can be for their growing baby. Pregnant and FIT is a mobile app that women can use at home, in the gym or while traveling. This app is for women who want to be healthy and are resourceful when it comes to finding quality workouts while expecting.

Pregnant and FIT! uses audio, video and text to inform its users how to safely and effectively perform the workouts. Users choose from beginning, Mama's Tired, intermediate, Feelin' Good and for the advanced athlete, SuperMom. Each level is intricately described within the app's How To page so that user can find the right level for herself. With 75 exercises to choose from, women can use the app throughout their pregnancy and postpartum to get back into shape.

$2.99 on iTunes

Bio: As owner of her fitness studio Brooklyn Academy Roots in Oakland, CA, Mindy Berla created and produced Pregnant and FIT! so that pregnant women can feel comfortable exercising while expecting. As a result of training numerous pregnant clients and herself, Mindy has seen how beneficial exercise can be to one's pregnancy. Mindy was 3 months pregnant at the taping of the video in this app.


Mindy Berla
Brooklyn Academy Roots LLC

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