Brooklyn Academy Roots Updates Exercise App for Pregnant Women to iOS6

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — Mobile app Pregnant and FIT! was released in November 2011 and has sold over 2,000 units. With the new update, users will know how many sets to do for a 30-minute workout, how to get back into shape after pregnancy and how to stay connected to the community through the app's Facebook page.

Exercising while pregnant can be scary. Women are unsure of what exercises they can and cannot be doing. Workout routines for pregnant women can and should include all major muscle groups to ensure that women stay strong during growth of baby. It is highly important to strengthen your core while pregnant as this area becomes the most weighted, throwing the body’s balance off. It is for this reason that Pregnant and FIT! makes it mandatory for each user to do at least one core exercise when using the app.

The only contraindications for pregnant women are compression of the abdominal region, too much time spent on the back in the third trimester and anything that feels uncomfortable. Pregnant and FIT! is an exercise app that helps teach women body awareness. It's important for women to have good body awareness during pregnancy because what feels great for one body does not feel so hot for another.

Audio, video and text give detailed tips on form and posture during each exercise so that movements are correctly performed. Choose from a shorter 30-minute workout or a full body workout. The full body workout is customized by each user. Favorite workouts can be saved for later dates.

Available on iTunes $3.99


Mindy Berla
Brooklyn Academy Roots LLC

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