Buca Joins Direct Sales and Network Marketing Company, Boresha International

Walnut Creek, California (EastBayDaily) — “Buca” has joined Boresha International the direct sales company whose highly scientific based products have caught the attention of industry leaders like Buca. He has joined as an Independent Business Distributor. He has enjoyed success at the top of the financial earnings ladder in a number of direct sales and network marketing companies. He has also been a service provider to the industry as well as a company owner.

“The science, patents and people, like Dr. Ann de Wees Allen behind the products at Boresha International is what convinced me to join this company,” said Buca. “Direct Sales and Network Marketing is about the product first and foremost in order to build a brand. If the products are quality and deliver on its promise, half the battle is won. Boresha’s patented products with their exclusive Fat-burning Coffee & Tea make my job easy in building relationships. These products are so good, they effectively sell themselves. Boresha has a suite of products of Fat-burning, sports endurance, low-glycemic, diabetic friendly and kid approved.”

“It is with great pleasure I welcome Buca to the Boresha International family,” stated George Najjar, Founder/CEO/President for Boresha. “With his talents and people skills we all have a great deal to learn from this dynamic gentleman. We are excited to support him and his business.”

Buca has a long career in human potential personal transformation and life coach training. His leadership skills and training skills are what he says has gotten him to the top of every direct sales organization he has been with. Buca says he builds leaders because people are the real commodity. Again the excitement he states for Boresha International is about the products and the 30 years of science that Dr. Ann de Wees Allen brings to the table for the thermogenic technology, diabetic friendly and low glycemic index – these products are going to be a dream to bring to market.

Buca nearly retired until this business venture and products were brought to him by Derrek Brown and Joey Boswell, Senior Ambassador and Master Distributor of Boresha International.

Buca and Joey plan to go to market with a strategy called “Product Driven – Opportunity Focused”.

Approaching customers, relevant to the products benefits, or the business venture, relevant to being a distributor, Boresha’s unique pay plan allows for both. Buca stated, “I have never seen the perfect storm come together like Boresha International.”    

ABOUT BORESHA INTERNATIONAL Boresha International is driven by principles of loyalty, integrity, faith, and excellence, Boresha passionately and responsibly seeks to enhance the health and wellbeing of others by providing innovative and premium quality products, and giving back to charities around the world.

Boresha’s “State-of-the-Art” infrared roasting technology is a proprietary method by which beans are gently and evenly roasted in small batches to bring out the desired flavor and aroma, and guarantee smooth controlled flavor.

George Najjar, Founder/CEO/President has this to say; “Boresha Today 2013 and our focus is this; our distributors and customers health and their financial wellness with regard to their business is our primary concern every day. Boresha, Dr. Allen and the entire companies focus will always be striving for excellence with our incredible products."


J.Michael Palka
Boresha International