Business Class Travel Site Announces America’s Worst Airline for Business Class Travel

Fremont, California (EastBayDaily) — Business class sales are the airlines bread and butter, especially in an industry that forecasts their profits based on the wellness of the economy. Many airlines depend on business class sales as the demand for cheap economy class seats continues.

For the past few years, most major airlines have been actively upgrading their business class cabins to appeal to their loyal business travelers as well as attempting to attract some new customers. For the most part, they have been slightly successful, earning high rankings for innovating on board entertainment as well as expanding on the overall comfort of the business class seat. Some airlines are known for their quality business class product. For example, Singapore Airlines has continued to maintain one of the industry’s best business class options. “Singapore’s success is due in part on their ability to listen to their business class customer’s feedback on what they would like to see in business class” say Lets Fly Cheaper CEO, Ramon van Meer. Singapore Airlines is currently ranked a five star airline by the airline ranking site, Sytrax. They are one of only six airlines with a five star ranking for having a quality product.

Airlines in American tend to have lesser ratings than their counterparts overseas, according to Business travel website and travel experts, Lets Fly Cheaper, who did their own research using rankings and customer reviews from Skytrax. “Every airline has their own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to business class travel” says van Meer.

The Lets Fly Cheaper's study used rankings from all the airlines in the U.S with business and first class seating based on seven categories; seat comfort, service, on board entertainment, meal quality, cabin cleanliness, punctuality and business and first class lounge quality. The ratings are based on a point system ranging from 1 to 5, five being the best.

According to Lets Fly Cheaper, American Airlines ranked as the worst airline in the U.S for business class travel. United Airlines took the second spot. Both, U.S Airways and Hawaiian Airlines tied for the 3rd and Virgin America had the highest score as the most satisfactory airline in the U.S for business class travel. “Even though, Virgin American is a lot smaller than most of the airlines in the study, they offer an amazing product that their premium class customers love and that’s what this study is about” says van Meer. He also adds that he is optimistic about American Airlines newly, revamped business class but worries that a merger with U.S Airways might be a step backwards. “It’s going to take some time to get through the growing pains of integrating the airlines together. Quality may likely take a pretty big hit during the process” says van Meer.

The punctuality information was taken from data provided by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics for the years of 2010, 2011 and 2012, based on the airline’s percentage of late flights.

1. American Airlines     Service – 3.0     Cabin Cleanliness – 3.0     Entertainment – 3.5     Meal Quality – 3.5     Seat Comfort – 3.5     Lounge quality – 3.0     Punctuality- 2.0     TOTAL SCORE – 21.5

2. United Airlines     Service – 3.0     Cabin Cleanliness – 3.0     Entertainment – 4.0     Meal Quality – 3.0     Seat Comfort – 4.0     Lounge Quality – 3.0     Punctuality – 2.0     TOTAL SCORE – 22.00

3. U.S Airways     Service –3.0     Cabin Cleanliness – 3.0     Entertainment – 3.5     Meal Quality – 3.5     Seat Comfort – 4.0     Lounge Quality – 3.0     Punctuality – 3.0     TOTAL SCORE – 23.0

3. Hawaiian Airlines     Service – 3.0     Cabin Cleanliness – 3.0     Entertainment – 3.0     Meal Quality – 4.0     Seat Comfort – 3.0     Lounge Quality – 3.0     Punctuality – 4.0     TOTAL SCORE – 23.0

4. Alaska Airlines     Service – 3.0     Cabin Cleanliness – 3.0     Entertainment – 3.5     Meal Quality – 4.0     Seat Comfort – 4.0     Lounge Quality – 3.5     Punctuality – 3.0     TOTAL SCORE – 24.0

5. Delta Airlines     Service – 3.0     Cabin Cleanliness – 3.0     Entertainment – 4.0     Meal Quality – 4.0     Seat Comfort – 4.5     Lounge Quality – 3.5     Punctuality – 3.0     TOTAL SCORE – 25.0

6. Virgin America     Service – 4.0     Cabin Cleanliness – 3.5     Entertainment – 4.5     Meal Quality – 4.0     Seat Comfort – 4.0     Lounge Quality – 4.0     Punctuality- 2.5     TOTAL SCORE – 26.0 Lets Fly is a low fare specialist, focused on supplying cheap business class flights to international destinations worldwide. To book the lowest fare contact one of their travel agents at 1-800-240-0461 or go to

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