Buying a Timeshare Safely on the Resale Market, Selling Timeshares, Inc. Stands Up for Timeshare Buyer’s Rights

Alameda, California (EastBayDaily) — Due to the many recent scams, Selling Timeshares, Inc. has set out to educate timeshare buyer's about their rights when purchasing a resale account. The company's website has been updated with helpful information to guide buyer's through the process.

David Van Norman, a licensed agent at Selling Timeshares, Inc. said, "All travelers deserve to know their rights. We intend to educate WorldMark buyers in the early stages of their research to make sure they get the most out of their purchase and avoid being victimized by the many scams that operate currently."

Buying a Timeshare on the Secondary Market

It may be frowned upon at the presentations, but buying a resale account can afford travelers great vacations at cheap prices. When a timeshare buyer is thinking about investing in a timeshare ownership on the resale market, they have many factors to consider during the course of their purchase. They could spend a lot of time on deciding which club or size of ownership is best to suit their needs, but according to Selling Timeshares, Inc., it doesn't have to be a difficult experience.

Selecting the Product

A buyer may have many choices of timeshare products in today’s market. The major differentiating factor can generally be explained by the difference between a week-based ownership and a points base ownership. Based on the buyer’s vacations needs, they may opt for a flexible points based ownership that allows for multiple unit sizes or different locations.

A weeks based timeshare can be great for those that would like to travel to one specific location at one specific time of the year. You should keep in mind that many weeks based timeshares can also “float”, meaning owners can choose their week of the year based on availability.

Dependent on how much vacation time each traveler is planning to take each year, or where their family likes to travel, there may be major benefits for owning one type of ownership over another.

Safety of Transfer

Most people wouldn't do business with an unlicensed agent when buying a home, so why risk a timeshare purchase with someone who many be hard to track or report? Look for Licensed Real Estate agents who specialize in timeshares, with many years of experience in the timeshare industry. Taking advantage of their knowledge can help save valuable time in researching each individual product.

In order to protect deposits and assets, demand the use of a licensed, bonded and insured closing company, which should be used on each and every transaction. This step will ensure that all parties receive exactly what they are expecting. Each transfer should be detailed in a written agreement, which acts as a guideline for the closing company to ensure all terms come to fruition. Know the rights afforded in the contract. Each ownership can be verified with resort’s transfer’s department or the county in which the deed has been recorded, prior to any transfer documents being ordered.


Buying on the resale market can offer a very low price in comparison to the retail presentations. Due to the fact that the buyer is buying directly from the owner, they will not have to shoulder the costs of the presentation model that has been adopted by the retail developers. In many cases, used timeshares sold on the secondary market offer banked usage already in the account that the previous owner has already paid for, so many travelers want to look for accounts that have a large amount of currently available vacation time. Although, if immediate usage isn't as important, they can seek out timeshares with littler to no usage that carry a more affordable price.

Selling Timeshares, Inc. has invited all travelers to give them a call or fill in their contact form for free consultations regarding timeshare resale. The company has recently formed a new team to assist their clients, which is only comprised of Licensed Real Estate agents.

About Selling Timeshares, Inc. Selling Timeshares is comprised of a group of Licensed Real Estate professionals with years of knowledge of the most valuable vacation networks offered in today’s market. They are a full service timeshare resale brokerage that does not charge an upfront fee to sell.


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