Café Colucci/Brundo Wishes All Happy Ethiopian New Year

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — Café Colucci and Brundo want to say Happy Ethiopian New Year to all. In Ethiopia, New Year's Day, called Enkutatash, begins on Sept. 11 when a long rainy period has just ended and the earth has sprung to life.

Traditionally, children celebrate by handing out bouquets of daisies in the streets and singing “AbebaYeHosh Lemlem.” Families spend the day visiting neighbors giving away Qettema. It is also customary to dress up in one's best traditional clothes visiting friends and relatives saying “Enquan Aderesachihu” or Happy New Year.

Enkutatash is also referred to as Ri'se Awde Amet in Ge'ez. It occurs on Sept. 11 in the Gregorian calendar, except for leap years, when it occurs on Sept.12. Ethiopia observes a singular calendar of "13 months of sunshine," continuing a full eight years and seven days behind the Western Calendar. Today in the States, though it is Sept. 2013, friends, family and loved ones in Ethiopia are ringing in the first day of the New Year 2006.

Hoya Hoye is a tradition on New Years particularly for young boys and Enkutatash is for young girls. Boys go door to door with sticks in their hands, using them as a musical instrument and they make beats by hitting the ground with them. The song “Hoya Hoye” contains special Amharic verses created by the boys and it is usually about praising the owner of the household they are visiting. Afterwards, the boys get a gift and they finish up the song with verses that express their gratitude and best wishes for the next year.

At the end of the day, the chibo burning (like a bonfire) takes place as small as for a household with the family or as huge as in a neighborhood together with friends, family and neighbors.

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Lea Berhane