Calero Media Systems Launches Play Any Web Video On Your TV

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) —     Streaming media content is everywhere, and consumers want media they find with their laptop to play on their TV. Not just iTunes videos from Apple, or the full season of CSI from Amazon UnBox or CBS innertube, but any videos on the Internet — on demand. “Our research shows that consumers want to view streaming video from the web on their TV — instead of crowding around a laptop. None of the existing options make it easy for customers to connect the Web to their TV,” said Ellie Victor, Co-CEO at ZOOM Marketing. “Calero has taken a fresh approach.”

Pay or free, streaming or downloaded, Web videos come in different compression formats like H.264, Flash, Quicktime, Windows Media Player, or proprietary software players. “It takes a Pentium-class machine to play the latest codecs, and the W2TV Players our partners sell can handle them all,” said Sam Beal, VP of Marketing at Calero. “Our software comes bundled and lets you control the Player from your couch, without disturbing your family’s favorite TV programming. Many of our W2TV Players have HDMI or DVI outputs supporting popular HDTVs.”

Calero’s W2TV Software Suite supports both Microsoft Windows XP and Vista. W2TV players are small form-factor PCs manufactured by Acer, HP, Sony and others — suitable for home entertainment centers. Typical users will have broadband and a wireless LAN. While 802.11b can be used, 802.11g or 802.11n are preferable.

While Google’s YouTube is most popular, users also want Web videos from Apple, Joost, BitTorrent, Veoh, AOL, MSN, Yahoo and others. “Calero’s W2TV supports all content providers,” said Beal. “Also, the industry doesn’t want a repeat of the Web TV fiasco of the 90s. Families don’t want someone surfing the Web on their new Plasma or LCD TV! Calero’s W2TV solution lets users find videos with their laptop.”

W2TV Players also play digital photos and home movies. When friends come over, just a few commands from your laptop and your vacation photos magically appear on TV. W2TV Players start at under $399 and include Calero’s W2TV Software Suite. W2TV software is also available separately for $99 and a 30-day trial is currently offered. For more information, go to or call 650-492-5443.

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About Calero Media Systems:

Calero Media Systems develops and provides innovative solutions for Web media capture, management and play. The company was founded in 2006 by Sam Beal, Bob Osann and Joe Zott.


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