California Payroll Announces New Enhancement to StoreRoom Service

Brentwood, California (EastBayDaily) — California Payroll, a leading regional payroll services and HR software provider, has enhanced the company’s StoreRoom Data Retention & File Storage Service. StoreRoom is now offered with a year-end CD containing a client’s payroll data from the respective year.

Through StoreRoom, California Payroll automatically archives and stores a client’s payroll records, which include company information and employee payroll data. “It is recommended that all businesses retain their payroll records for at least seven years,” comments Debbie Mendivil, Vice President of Operations. “However, most other payroll service providers will purge client information every 18-24 months to reduce the size of their databases.” Understanding a client’s need to retain, manage, and retrieve prior records, California Payroll’s StoreRoom will store tax returns and payment records for up to 10 years.

The StoreRoom Year-End CD will include a client’s payroll reports for the entire year; quarter-end reports and tax returns; and year-end reports, tax returns, and W2s.

About California Payroll: California Payroll provides integrated payroll, human resources, and time and attendance solutions for managing today’s businesses. California Payroll is leading the way in redefining the business services industry standard through the company’s proprietary Client Priority Response service methodology consisting of dedicated service teams with industry-accredited, highly experienced personnel and knowledgeable payroll professionals, and powerful, agile systems with multi-solution integration capabilities and dedicated modules that perform critical functions, configured to meet the needs of each client. For more information, visit California Payroll, or call 1-800-713-7007.


Kerry D. Lonsdale
California Payroll