Calling Agatha Christie-A Holiday Weekend Turns Deadly in Peter C. Bradbury’s New Novel “Stonebridge Manor”

Brentwood, California (EastBayDaily) — Stonebridge Manor is a read worthy of fans of both Agatha Christie and Gosford Park. Set in the beautiful English countryside, a holiday weekend turns deadly and the clues pile up as both characters and readers try to determine “whodunit”.

Lady Baldwin, the novel’s main antagonist, is beautiful, cruel, and manipulative, using anyone and everyone around her to get exactly what she wants. The servants and high society friends that orbit around her both love and loathe her, due to her impossible demands for loyalty and her ability to make them suffer for her enjoyment. Bradbury writes each character with depth and wry, British humor, creating a world that readers are drawn into, keeping them captivated when Lady Baldwin finally gets her just desserts and it’s time to determine the killer.

The setting of the novel itself, Stonebridge Manor is isolated and lovely, with secrets roaming the halls while the guests take their brandy in the drawing room. Crimes of passion and passionate crimes run rampant throughout the weekend holiday, with each character having their own secrets to hide.

With his extensive experience as an English butler, Peter C. Bradbury has infused Stonebridge Manor with his own engaging voice, which will no doubt leave readers wondering if any of the events could possibly be based in truth. Readers will be turning pages in frenzy from cover to cover, and will find themselves anxiously awaiting the next masterpiece from Mr. Bradbury.

Peter Bradbury Peter Bradbury has been a working English Butler since 1985, from the aristocracy to the wealthy to the not so wealthy. He was born and raised in the Northwest of England, where he still has family, before relocating to the USA in late 1994. Stonebridge Manor is his first novel, portraying life and humor in an English Country Mansion, with a murder thrown in for good measure. His second novel, Prospects, about two murderous, wealthy brothers in the San Francisco Bay Area, is slated for release in July of 2012. For more information, please visit


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