Can the iPhone Make You a Better Parent?

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — MobileWorks LLC is proud to announce the Baby Super Tracker, a new iPhone and iPod Touch application designed to make it easier for busy parents to track the day-to-day events in the lives of their babies, and to see what’s next.

The Baby Super Tracker helps parents with an iPhone or iPod Touch keep track of diaper changes, feedings and rests. It leverages the power of iPhone and iPod Touch to predict and alert parents of upcoming events, giving them time to plan and to keep their children on schedule. It can also project upcoming supplies needs, ensuring that parents are never left in a lurch. For instance, it can tell you how much formula or how many diapers you may need over the next two weeks.

The Baby Super Tracker also takes advantage of the Apple’s intuitive mobile user interface to deliver a powerful yet simple experience that makes it quick and easy to track multiple babies and to handle multiple handoffs to a spouse or a baby sitter. Useful for parents, baby sitters and day care centers alike, the simple, guided info entry screens mean its only a few clicks to figure out how many diapers you need or to enter that last feeding.

The Baby Super Track includes: The ability to track diaper changes, sleep and rests for all your children. Intelligence to calculate diaper and formula supply needs for your family. Intuitive controls that make it quick and easy to track. A comprehensive home screen that keeps you on top of what’s happened and what’s coming next. The ability to track all your children without getting confused by which info you are looking at and where you should enter it. Five built in alarms for diaper changes, feedings, rests, wake-ups and bottle changes that automatically adjust to fit your babies evolving diaper, feeding and sleeping patterns. Unlimited manual alarms for appointments, medication needs and more. Medical Notes that help parents remember important information in preparation for pediatrician visits.

The Baby Super Tracker is available today at the iTunes Store.

MobileWorks is a start-up run by David and Camille Andrews and is based out of Oakland, California. It is focused on mobile applications, for the iPhone platform, that improve the lives of busy parents.


David Andrews
MobileWorks LLC