Can You Handle the Heat; Lonely Planet Publishes The World’s Best Spicy Food

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — Lonely Planet, the world’s leading travel publisher, announces the publication of The World’s Best Spicy Food, a new book that shows readers not only how to find some of the fieriest foods around the globe, but how to make them at home as well. Evoking the experience of seeking out and digging into a taste-bud-tingling meal on the road, The World’s Best Spicy Food explores 100 of the world’s must-eat dishes for those whose mantra is “the spicier the better”.

The World’s Best Spicy Food takes readers on a tour of the most-loved culinary ‘hotspots’ of both locals and travelers alike. The expertise of Lonely Planet’s authors, many of whom live for spicy food, is accompanied by mouth-watering photography and local knowledge. Showcasing culinary creativity from every corner of the world, the book incorporates a mixture of well-loved dishes, like Thai green curry, and new favorites, such as Tunisian shakshouka. Each entry includes the history and culture behind the dish, where best to enjoy it and the recipe to recreate at home.

Other dishes include:     Devil’s Curry from Singapore     Doro Wat from Ethiopia     Pica Pau from Portugal     Saliva Chicken from China     Piccalilli from England

The book’s foreword is written by internationally renowned foodie Tom Parker Bowles, who talks passionately about his love of spicy foods. “This book is not about chillies alone, rather ‘spicy’ food in its every guise; the pungent, nose-clearing honk of wasabi, mustard and horseradish; pepper’s pep and paprika’s punch; the warming allure of cinnamon and mace, the bracing crunch of piccalilli. These are dishes to make the taste buds punch the air with elation, flavours that kick-start the palate and infuse every sense with joy.”

About the Book: The World’s Best Spicy Food Written by various authors, foreword by Tom Parker Bowles Published by Lonely Planet ISBN: 978 1 74321 976 8 224pp, full-color, 9.4’’x7.3’’, paperback, $19.99 March 2014


Rana Freedman