Cankles and Saggy Boots are not in Style This Fall: Boot Stay Adhesive Sag Preventers Keep Boots from Falling Down

Canyon, California (EastBayDaily) — Fall fashion’s perennial favorites are its boots. With over-the-knee boots becoming increasingly popular, the problem of sag is becoming a rampant issue. Slouchy-on-purpose boots are one thing, but sagging boots are not so attractive, especially when they make the wearer look like they have no ankles. On the same token, stopping and tugging at the tops of drooping boots becomes a hassle.

Boot Stay: adhesive sag preventers solve these problems. Like other Solutions That Stick products, it just takes some cotton, adhesive, and a little know-how. The user peels the backing off of Boot Stay, then sticks the cotton-and-vinyl piece to the inside of the boot to prevent boots falling down. Boot Stay supports the boot from the inside while it is being worn, keeping them looking good and feeling comfortable.

6 pieces of Boot Stay can be purchased at for $9.95.

About Solutions That Stick Inc.:

Irvine-based, Solutions That Stick Inc. (fka The Pond Inc.) is an all-women company that develops, manufactures and markets the Garment Guard™ line of products. The industry leader for over ten years, Garment Guard™ is the original disposable underarm shield. Newer additions to the line are: Knicker Sticker™ disposable adhesive underwear; Skid Out™ deodorant, drip and drool erasers; Subtle Butt™ disposable gas neutralizers; White Collar Grime™ disposable collar and hat protectors, Quick Fix Sticks™ adhesive wardrobe remedies; Pocksie™ temporary sticky pockets; and Drip Strips™ bottle drool absorbers.


Amber Zbierski
Solutions That Stick