Carl Blake Discusses Nutritional Bliss and Blunders for Fat Loss in New Book

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — With thousands of diet books, miracle pills, and fasting fads out on the market, a dieter can get lost and confused in the world of weight watching and calorie counting.

Carl Blake’s book, “Horse-Sense Nutrition” (published by AuthorHouse), gives readers a witty, practical guide to healthy living. Providing tips, ideas, and guidelines for losing weight and getting in shape, Blake’s nutritional breakdown includes:     Taking advantage of free, planetary nutrients     The Triple “B” Strategy: Boosting metabolism, building muscle, and burning fat     Emphasizing nutritional superstars     Avoiding nutritional bombs     Becoming a salad king or queen     Reintroducing vilified foods to your diet     Enjoying recreational calories (desserts)     Exercising the N.E.A.T. and H.I.T. ways

“The book explains how we become fat, willingly and unwittingly, and advises simple yet effective solutions for fat prevention rather than severe, austere measures that are difficult to adhere to,” says Blake.

From researching, experimenting, and experiencing his own challenge with healthy living and weight loss, Blake has compiled his findings into an easy-to-read, educational guidebook. “Horse-Sense Nutrition” not only covers the dietary factors but also the emotional and environmental triggers of weight gain. Blake provides readers with a formula for permanent fat loss and weight maintenance that balances small reductions of calorie intake combined with increments of physical activity.

“I wanted to create a light-hearted, sympathetic eater’s digest that is fun, fact-filled, easy to implement, and delicious,” says Blake.

“Horse-Sense Nutrition” By Carl Blake ISBN: 978-1-46853-866-3 Hardcover: $23.99 Paperback: $16.95 eBook: $9.99 Available at or AuthorHouse book store.

About the author: Interested in nutrition and diet, Carl Blake has written several articles and participated in many public forums covering a wide range of health and wellness topics. Blake holds a Doctor of Musical Arts in piano performance from Cornell University and is a two-time recipient of the Fulbright Scholar Award.


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